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WIKA Cryo Gauges, innovative differential pressure gauges for liquid gas tanks, have several unique advantages that our customers appreciate:

  • Robust design. These liquid level gauges are not susceptible to pressure spikes. They are overpressure safe up to 725 psi (50 bar) on either side. This means that even if the pressure lines are crossed or if the valves are opened in the wrong sequence, the Cryo Gauge will not suffer any damage. Another major advantage is that the window of the gauge will not fog up.

  • Wide pressure range. WIKA Cryo Gauges are rugged enough to withstand working pressures up to 725 psi (50 bar). At the same time, they are sensitive enough to pick up very low pressure, down to 16 inches water column. (The range capability stretches from 16 to 1,600 inch wc). Most of our competitors’ DP gauges have a much more limited range or have to refer to another model.

  • Differential pressure gauge span adjustment

    The Cryo Gauge makes it easy to adjust the span

    Easy span adjustments. Cryo Gauges allow for on-site span adjustments without having to take apart the entire assembly. To make an adjustment, simply remove the rubber sealing cap, insert the Allen wrench (included) into the access port, turn it, and re-insert the plug.

    No zero adjustments are necessary for minor adjustments. This is especially helpful in applications where the full scale indicates a full tank, such in the bulk storage of liquid carbon dioxide. For example, the scale of a 6-ton tank indicates 12,000 pounds of liquid CO2. Once the tank is filled up, the customer expects the gauge to indicate 12,000 pounds. Despite a very careful tank calculation that includes the tank’s dimensions and the liquid gas’s density, many variables can influences the behavior of the gas, resulting in a reading that suggests the tank is not full. WIKA Cryo Gauges allow users to make a final span adjustment, after the tank is filled up, to match the full tank.

  • Differential pressure gauge + working pressure gauge

    Model 712.15.160 Cryo Gauge with optional working pressure (WP) indicator

    Innovative modular design. Unrivaled in the industry, Cryo Gauges’ modular design allows customers to assemble their own unique system simply by accessorizing it with the desired features. Starting with the liquid level unit, users can later accessorize it in the field by adding a manifold block with working pressure gauge or even a sensor for the working pressure.

    The U.S. version of the valve manifold comes standard with an equalizing valve (bypass), with an option for two additional shut-off valves. The WP gauge is integrated into the manifold block. The WP gauge as well as the liquid level gauge can be individually replaced in the field without disconnecting any pressure lines or electrical connections. Other options include an integrated 4…20 mA output signal for the liquid level, a separate working pressure transmitter, integrated level switches (low & high level), working pressure switches, and a variety of mounting brackets. WIKA is the only manufacturer in the U.S. that offers such a unique modular design.

  • Simple to set up and use. This system is practically plug-and-play. It has only two connection points: one to liquid phase and the other to the gas phase. The unique modular design allows for the integration of liquid level, working pressure, and equalizing valve (bypass) into one compact assembly. Instead of having multiple connections, users have to make only two connections. 

  • Cleaned for oxygen service. Equipment used for oxygen service must be specially cleaned to get rid of contaminants such as hydrocarbons (oils), particulates, and moisture. When cryogenic equipment manufacturers assemble their own systems, they have to oxygen clean the entire assembly before use. All Cryo Gauges come standard O2 cleaned.

  • Leak tested. Before delivery, every one of our assemblies undergoes a thorough helium-leak test to make sure there are no leakages. End users no longer have to conduct their own time-consuming leak tests.

  • Equipped for telemetry. Savvy cryogenic suppliers remotely monitor their customers’ usage to maximize delivery efficiency and to make sure end users never run out of medically necessary gases. The Cryo Gauge’s level indicator can be equipped with an integrated pressure transmitter to supply an output signal. There’s no longer a need for a separate pressure source for a telemetry unit, which could result in different readings. Users can also integrate a transmitter for the working pressure. 

WIKA has more than 40 years of experience in cryogenic applications, and we are the preferred liquid-level gauge supplier for major manufacturers in the U.S. and around the world. With a global presence and flexible workforce, our customers can rely on our supply chain and industry-leading turnaround times. Contact the pressure gauge experts at WIKA USA for help in choosing the right assemblies and accessories for your particular applications.

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