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WIKA is an innovative manufacturer of measuring instrumentation that has served the mobile machine market for many decades. We not only make high-quality products, but also partner with engineers and R&D teams to find the best solutions for mobile working machine applications.

WIKA has been designing and manufacturing measurement instruments since 1946. One of our missions is to stay attuned to the evolving needs of mobile working machines. To that end, we have created a complete suite of products specifically for the extremely harsh conditions – vibration, shock, dust, extreme temperatures – these machines face daily. In this video, WIKA expert Chris Gauthier and I talk about WIKA’s measurement solutions for mobile working machine applications.

Full Coverage for Mobile Working Machine Applications

When it comes to mobile working machine applications, WIKA can do it all.

Pressure instrumentation for hydraulic, brake, or steering systems

Temperature measuring in cooling and engine & transmission units

Level monitoring in fluid reservoirs

Force measurements in load weighting systems (static and dynamic)

  • Force transducers
  • Load cells
  • Tension links
  • Load pins

Quality and Reliability for Mobile Machines

WIKA has state-of-the art manufacturing facilities around the world, and one of our defining characteristics is our extremely high standards. When we test pressure transmitters, for example, we take a batch of 10 units and run them through three separate battery of tests:

  • 20 mechanical tests: vibration resistance, pressure spike resistance, shock resistance, high overpressure, and pressure cycle life
  • 50 environmental tests: high heat, freezing cold, thermal cycling, high humidity, salt spray, impact resistance, resistance to chemicals, and UV resistance
  • 10 electrical tests: overvoltage resistance, load dump, radiated fields, and reset behavior

All 10 pressure transmitters must pass all these tests before we approve them for use in mobile working machines.

Partnership and Customization

Customization is a core feature of WIKA’s products and services. Instruments for mobile working machine applications come with a variety of customizable options to make sure they fit any electrical or mechanical requirement.

But what if none of these options address a unique need or specific situation? For these cases, WIKA offers Value Innovation Workshops. During these sessions, a team of WIKA’s experts meets with the customer’s engineers and developers. Together we analyze problems and requirements, and then our product specialists come up with tailor-made solutions for that specific application..

WIKA is known worldwide for quality, reliability, and customer service – for mobile working machine applications as well as in many other industries. Contact us about your instrumentation challenges for pressure, temperature, level, and force.

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