A basic pressure measuring device needs to be in contact with the media in a pipe, tubing or tank to determine the pressure. This technology works great for many applications; however, direct contact with hot or corrosive media can lead to damage or even destruction of the measuring device. In the food,beverage,life sciences and pharmaceutical industries, connection configurations using Tri-clamps® or similar, are required to ensure hygienic conditions. Cavities and dead space (resting place for bacteria) must be avoided to ensure proper cleaning of the equipment. A diaphragm seal is a protective device with a thin, flexible membrane of corrosion-resistant material between the measuring device and the process media to be measured. This prevents the potentially damaging media from touching the sensitive workings of the measuring device or adapting a “standard’ instrument process connection into an industry accepted connection type. Since the diaphragm on the seal is flexible, the pressure of the media creates a slight movement in the diaphragm creating a volume displacement on the opposite side from the process media. This volume displacement generates a positive pressure or vacuum which is transferred through the diaphragm seal system fill fluid to the pressure gauge or sensor to produce a pressure reading.

Diaphragm INLINE SEAL™

Diaphragm INLINE SEAL™ are ideal for use with flowing pressurized media. An inline diaphragm seal is integrally mounted into the piping system to measure pressure within a flowing process media without disturbing the media flow. WIKA’s INLINE SEAL™ uses a cylindrical diaphragm to avoid interruptions to the process flow, removes eddies,dead space and protrusions into the process. The inline seal with the diaphragm is sandwiched between two process flanges – mating connections. Inline seals can be installed with a variety of process connections to meet industry needs including; safety, easy cleaning and eliminating dead spaces. WIKA’s diaphragm INLINE SEAL™ when configured properly with the pressure measuring instrument can maintain the instruments linearity accuracy and potentially can be exposed to a process media temperature up to +400°C. 2015 blog 16 image inline seal

Diaphragm INLINE SEAL™ for Life Sciences, Pharmaceutical, Beverage and Food Applications

Pharmaceutical, life sciences, beverage and the food industries have stringent sanitary requirements, enforced by regulators on both the federal and state level. WIKA manufactures numerous lines of measuring instruments and accessories, including inline diaphragm seals, which meet or exceed these rigorous standards. The WIKA L981.22 Sanitary Diaphragm,  INLINE SEAL™, for example, meets the stringent requirements of the sanitary related industries, contains 3-A and EHEDG approval. Inline diaphragm seals removes the need to install a sanitary instrument tee to mount the pressure measuring instrument into the process flow, thereby eliminating dead spaces and allowing for more hygienic operations. Specifically designed for the pharmaceutical, life sciences, food, beverage and cosmetic industries, the WIKA L981.22 is self-draining, and is ideal for clean-in-place, steam-in-place and piggable processes. Learn how an INLINE SEAL™ for measuring devices allows for more sanitary processes. WIKA offers a complete line of diaphragm  INLINE SEAL™  for all segments of the process industry. WIKA Express Lane allows you to order the most commonly needed diaphragm seal products in a hurry. Using WIKA’s Express Lane program, you can order these pre-selected items with one-day, two-day or five-day lead time options. Call us at 1-855-397-3701 or email us at ExpressDS@wika.com to learn more. Or for any questions, contact the Diaphragm Seals Technical Support online or at 1- 888 – 431-1559.

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