WIKA’s Fast Audit Services Team has conducted more than 250 audits of mechanical pressure and temperature gauges in refineries, chemical plants, and similar facilities over the last several years, allowing WIKA to develop the most extensive instrumentation knowledge base in the industry. One key finding from the FAST team instrument audits is that an average of almost 40% of gauge installations in plants have failed or are not functioning correctly. Keep in mind that the loss of data from a single pressure gauge can lead to expensive consequences, so the fact that four out of 10 gauges are not producing valid data is virtually certain to increase maintenance costs at these facilities. That’s where FAST services help. FAST engineers will work with your team to correct, improve, and consolidate your gauge population.

Improve Gauge Reliability with WIKA FAST Services

WIKA’s FAST team can help you troubleshoot a problematic installation, evaluate your storeroom inventory, or review all installations in a unit or your entire plant. Moreover, you’ll receive recommended solutions to address your failures and improve gauge reliability. The WIKA Fast team also offers comprehensive turnaround instrument planning services. Careful planning is the best way to guarantee a successful restart after a turnaround or shutdown, and the FAST Team will be there to work closely with your team. The FAST team can also help you train your maintenance staff on best instrumentation practices. As a part of our instrument safety training program, we teach your maintenance staff how to use gauges as predictive maintenance tools that can assist in diagnosing problems and fixing them before they result in expensive repairs. To learn more or to schedule a service, check us out online.

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