The list of things that put a strain on your eyes grows longer each year. Fortunately, WIKA just made the list shorter by introducing several new features that make gauges easier to read in low-light settings. WIKA’s InSight™ option features a highly reflective material for the dial surface of a gauge, resulting in exceptional visibility in low-light conditions.

The WIKA InSight Glow™ option takes visibility one step further by utilizing a photo-luminescent coating. These two options were introduced in direct response to customer requests for highly visible dials on WIKA gauges. They continue WIKA’s longstanding tradition of continually taking the pulse of customer needs and responding with instrumentation tailored to those requirements. The InSight option acts to boost available light, enabling users to more easily read the gauge dial. This retro-reflective surface is available in three colors: fluorescent yellow, fluorescent orange, and white. The InSight gauges also feature large numerals such as those found on the WIKA Xmas Tree gauge.

InSight Glow gauges feature Gloflex®, a trademarked coating that has both photo-luminescent and retro-reflective properties. Gloflex requires a mere 10 seconds of light to become fully charged, after which it will remain illuminated for an extended amount of time. Plus, an ordinary flashlight shined on the dial will recharge the luminescent surface. The InSight and the InSight Glow options are available on both dry and liquid-filled WIKA instruments, in sizes from 2 1/2 to 6 inches in diameter. These two options are ideal for use in any plant setting where lighting is less than optimal, such as in out-of-the-way areas behind process equipment. Either of these gauge features would also be optimal in settings where lights are deliberately kept low, such as some processes where chemicals react to stronger lighting. In addition, these lighted gauges are suitable for HVAC ductwork, the insides of pipes and conduits, and other interior uses characterized by poor visibility.

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Finally, InSight and InSight Glow can help to ensure adequate visibility in situations that generate heavy steam or smoke. This feature is extremely useful in the event of a power outage or fire. By enhancing a gauge’s readability, users can boost accuracy in their operations. Often, people take readings at a glance while making a quick circuit of a facility. If what they record isn’t accurate, they can easily overlook problems, and too often small issues snowball into bigger problems. Because these gauges are easier to read in less-than-optimal environments, you will build accuracy and dependability into your operation. You and your team will be able to make better decisions based on the accuracy of your gauge readings. Other gauge features available from WIKA also help to improve readability in low-light conditions — or in ordinary lighting, for that matter. A magnification window lets users read gauges from a distance, and an anti-glare feature eliminates glare from sun and indoor lighting. For more information about InSight and InSight Glow and how WIKA can improve your gauge visibility, check out the brochure and additional videos online, or call 1-888-WIKA-USA (945-2872).

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