Time is money and money is time. It’s that simple. WIKA gets it. And with this understanding, we offer as many cost-effective, productivity-enhancing, and efficient options as possible to our customers – to save them time and money. WIKA’s Express Lane Program does just that with diaphragm seals.

The WIKA Express Lane Program provides customers with fast ordering and delivery of a variety of standard diaphragm seals that protect measuring instruments in the refining, petrochemical, and chemical industries. With the Express Lane Program, you can order high-quality, reliable WIKA diaphragm seals in an array of configurations, along with select accessories that may also be needed. Customers can choose from All Welded System seals, standard welded seals (threaded and flanged), and mini seals. The diaphragm seal assemblies to choose from include the XSEL® 23X.34 size 4.5″ process gauges and 23X.54 sizes 2.5″ and 4″ stainless steel gauge. The 23X.54 gauge features all stainless steel construction, from case design to all wetted parts, while the 23X.34 gauge in 4.5″ has a turret-style fiberglass thermoplastic case and stainless steel wetted parts. Equipped with Swiss-made movements for reliability, both of these designs for the process grade gauge ensure long service life in the harshest, most demanding environments.

Typically, diaphragm seal products require a lead time of at least 12 business days, while nonstandard products may require longer lead times based on the order and available capacity. However, if you need a diaphragm seal order shipped in less than 12 business days, the WIKA Express Lane Program offers 3 convenient ordering options:

Express Lane OptionExpress Lane Program ChargeMaximum Quantity
5 Business Days1.35 x standard shipping50 pieces
2 Business Days2 x standard shipping5 pieces
1 Business Day3 x standard shipping2 pieces

Whether you are trying to deal with an unplanned shutdown or you neglected to order the seals you need for upcoming scheduled maintenance, or just simply want a diaphragm seal fast, WIKA is here to help you with a convenient and secure turnaround method for your equipment.

Find out what WIKA can do for you. Just give us a call at 1-855-EXP-DS-01 (855-397-3701) or send an email to ExpressDS@wika.com to learn how the WIKA Diaphragm Seal Express Lane  can help you save time and money.

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