For Tough Measurement Jobs, Diaphragm Seals Provide Added Safety and Reliability In both nature and technology, certain things just don’t mix. Oil and water. Liquid bleach and ammonia. Sensitive pressure-measurement equipment and a variety of harsh substances. In a big industrial complex, a lot can go wrong when such incompatible elements come in contact. Instrumentation equipped with diaphragm seals is intended to take some of the worry out of the equation. In the petrochemical world and other process industries, diaphragm seals are required to protect the internal mechanisms of pressure indicators from hot, viscous, contaminated, or corrosive media as well as clogging. This prevents gauges from failing or malfunctioning to ensure the reliability and efficiency of operations. Diaphragm seals also help prevent fugitive emissions that can lead to dangerous operation conditions. In other instances, a diaphragm seal with capillary or remote mounting facilitates observation of a pressure measuring instrument. This is useful where the pressure measuring point does not allow direct installation of instrumentation. Diaphragm seals come in a variety of design configurations, each with particular uses. WIKA can design seals from custom alloys, depending on the requirements of the user’s setting. In high-temperature applications, a cooling element is added to protect the instrument from extreme heat. Such expertise is the stock in trade of WIKA FAST (Full Audit Service Team). This team can make a comprehensive review of all the gauges and instruments in your facility, identifying any that might need replacement and where a different device might be a better fit. In doing so, they’ll give you an early warning of any potential issues that lie ahead. Schedule a visit with the FAST team today.

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