Ventilators have become one of the most important types of equipment in treating patients with COVID-19. As companies increase production to meet rising demands, WIKA has stepped up the manufacturing of our MG-1 medical pressure transducer.

For those in respiratory distress, a mechanical ventilator supplies the precise levels of oxygen and air that patients need until they can breathe on their own again. This piece of equipment has become the last resort in the fight against the new coronavirus, which causes Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome (ARDS) in the most severe cases.

As more people fall ill with COVID-19, the need for medical ventilators greatly increases. To help manufacturers meet this high demand, WIKA USA is working around the clock to produce more MG-1 pressure sensorsthan ever before.

More Ventilators Require More Pressure Sensors

One of WIKA USA’s long-time customers is a major manufacturer of high-tech medical equipment, from anesthesia machines to surgical imagery platforms. This company usually makes 4,000 medical ventilators per year. Each unit has two pressure sensors: one to monitor the air-flow rate and the other to monitor the oxygen-flow rate. The pressure transmitters allow medical professionals to control the oxygen level and pressure, the number of breaths per minute, and the size of each breath.

But ever since the novel coronavirus became a global pandemic, the company has had to greatly step up the production of its ventilators – from 4,000 units a year to nearly 40,000. This means the number of pressure sensors WIKA supplies the company also has to increase exponentially.

Leveraging our expertise, flexible workforce, global network, and lean manufacturing capabilities, WIKA USA is able to meet this 10-fold spike in demand.

MG-1 pressure sensor for medical gases

The MG-1 Pressure Sensor for Medical Gases

For about the last 15 years, this customer has chosen to use the MG-1 because it was designed with medical oxygen and healthcare applications in mind. As oxygen is a corrosive agent, all wetted parts on this pressure sensor are made of 316L and 13-8 PH stainless steel, and the electrical connection is made of PBT GF 30, a highly resistant plastic reinforced with glass fibers.

Furthermore, the MG-1 is manufactured and packaged under controlled conditions to ensure the level of cleanliness required for ventilators as per international ISO 15001 and AST MG 93 guidelines.

WIKA: An Essential Business – and Trusted Partner

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