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The food and pharmaceutical industries rely on measuring instruments that are not only accurate and reliable, but also come with innovations to prevent product contamination. WIKA’s high-quality diaphragm pressure gauges offer the performance, safety, and reassurances that sanitary applications require.

One of the highest priorities in food & beverage and pharmaceutical production is to avoid contamination. Product purity and safety are paramount when manufacturing vaccines, baby food, and other consumer products.

This manufacturing process requires continuous pressure measurements and monitoring. To keep the medium away from the measuring instrument, sanitary processes use flush-mounted hygienic instrumentation. In gauges with a diaphragm seal assembly, the media pushes against the flexible metal membrane, which then pushes the system-fill fluid toward the pressure indicator to provide a reading.

Diaphragms must be thin in order to respond to pressure changes. Although strong and reliable under regular usage, these membranes are susceptible to damage as the result of rough handling, pressure spikes, and overload. If damage results in a torn diaphragm, the system-fill fluid will leak into the process media. The results? Product contamination, batch loss, and plant downtime.

Diaphragm Pressure Gauges Designed for Sanitary Processes

WIKA offers two innovative solutions for hygienic processes. One is our patented diaphragm monitoring system.The DMS not only alerts technicians in case the primary diaphragm suffers a breach, but also comes with a secondary diaphragm that:

  • Allows pressure measurements to continue uninterrupted, and
  • Prevents fill fluid from escaping into the media.

Our second innovation is the PG43SA series for sanitary applications. These diaphragm pressure gauges transmit pressure purely mechanically – by moving a link – rather than hydraulically via system-fill fluid. The extra-tough diaphragm can also withstand extreme process conditions and rough handling. Thus, the sanitary application has even greater protection from possible contamination, confirmed by 3-A and EHEDG certificates.

Watch this short videoto discover all the advanced features and benefits of using a PG43SA diaphragm pressure gauge for your hygienic applications.

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