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WIKA USA Diaphragm Seal Division, formerly RJ Global, offers diaphragm seals that save customers significant time and money. Instead of replacing an entire process transmitter, send the damaged diaphragm seal assembly – regardless of the fire – to the Houston-based facility for fast turnarounds on repairs.

Some users assume they have to replace the entire process transmitter when a diaphragm seal fails . This is an expensive and time-consuming process, as switching to a new transmitter takes about eight weeks and tens of thousands of dollars. In contrast, WIKA USA’s Diaphragm Seal Division (WIKA DSD), formerly known as RJ Global , wants to repair or replace the damaged diaphragm – saving as much as 60-70% of the cost of a new transmitter assembly and wait time. 

WIKA’s Approach to Diaphragm Seal Repair or Replacement

When a diaphragm seal fails on a jobsite, the cause of the damage is usually corrosion, high temperatures, excess pressure, or careless handling. But even though the diaphragm seal is no longer working properly, the transmitter itself is undamaged. That’s why it makes more sense to repair or replace just the nonfunctioning part.

The process is fast and easy:

  1. A user sends WIKA DSD the decontaminated assembly.
  2. A certified instrumentation technician tests the transmitter to verify that it is fully operational.
  3. The technician then inspects the damaged seal assembly, which parts are reusable, and send the user a quote.
  4. WIKA DSD fills the repaired assembly and calibrates it according to the user’s specifications.
  5. The user receives the repaired assembly.

Thanks to WIKA DSD’s in-house expertise, fast turnarounds are not a problem. Rush repairs are completed in as little as 24-48 hours, while non-rush jobs are done within 10 business days.

To O & G Leader Chooses WIKA’s Diaphragm Seal Repair Service

A leader in the oil and gas industry. WIKA’s diaphragm seal repair service. The customer had four transmitters with 3-inch / 1,500 lb. flanges that needed diaphragm seal replacements. Not only were the flares a rare size, but the customer needed the repaired transmitters within three days. Adding to the time constraints the logistics of shipping the assembly to an offshore rig in the Gulf of Mexico.

For other providers, repairing rare-size process connections would normally require weeks of lead time. Simply ordering the same size could take up to three months. But because WIKA DSD stocks rare-sized flanges for short-notice situations like this, there’s no need to order parts and wait for them to arrive. And since our ISO 9001 accredited facility is based in Houston, we have been able to repair the process transmitters and have them arrive at the oil rig within three days. 

Hassle-Free Diaphragm Services

There is no need to throw away a damaged diaphragm seal assembly or deal with multiple companies for parts and repairs. Customers save money and time by using a provider that wants salvage usable parts, fix what is broken, and then refill, recalibrate, and recertify the assembly.

WIKA DSD has been designing and manufacturing diaphragm seal technologies for large OEM process transmitter companies for more than 15 years, installing thousands of unique applications around the world. Our highly trained technicians can repair any diaphragm seal assembly, regardless of the transmitter manufacturer.

For more information on how to begin a diaphragm seal repair, contact WIKA DSD at service.us.ds@wika.com or (713) 475-0022.


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