A thermocouple has no moving parts and is extremely robust. However, thermocouples do lose accuracy over time and can become damaged by overheating during use or by human error. With a TC96-R thermocouple assembly, you enjoy the flexibility of thermocouple replacement or repair.

Accurate temperature measurement is critical for many applications in the refining and petrochemical industries. A durable thermocouple assembly is the preferred temperature measuring instrument for most of those refining processes. But as sturdy and reliable as thermocouples are, they do not last forever. They can also become damaged by mishandling or extreme temperatures. 

The decision of whether to repair or replace thermocouples depends on several factors. Cost is certainly a major consideration, as it can be less expensive to repair large thermocouple assemblies than to replace them. Another consideration is downtime, a requirement when replacing old or damaged thermocouples. WIKA is an industry leader in temperature monitoring equipment and installations for the oil and gas industry. We can help you decide whether thermocouple repair or replacement is better for your particular situation.

Repairable Multipoint Temperature Measurement System


The TC96-R (Refracto-Pad®)is the only process multipoint thermocouple assembly that can be repaired if damaged. One recent study shows that this innovative design has up to 200% less flow interference when used in a fixed-bed reactor compared to single sheath multipoints. The TC96-R also prevents horizontal runs through the catalyst. Moreover, its independent, isolated sheaths, and low-profile routing mean minimal impact on process flow, reactor loading, and reactor unloading. With this thermocouple assembly, you get single-point calibration of individual sensors to confirm accurate measurement of every single point. Most suppliers offer only sample lot calibration, which is less reliable. In addition, WIKA is the only supplier that is capable of re-verifying sensing points after installation or repair inside the reactor.

Standard Thermocouple Replacement: Quick Ship Program

Quick Ship products (click to enlarge)

When industrial thermocouples need to be replaced, you want minimal process downtime. WIKA’s Quick Ship Program offers the most popular electrical temperature products, including several types of industrial thermocouples, RTDs, and thermowells – all of which WIKA can deliver within five business days.

These 10 electrical temperature measurement products were handpicked to meet the most common customer needs. Our goal is to deliver the replacement thermocouple assemblies you need – on time, every time. We streamlined several key operations in order to eliminate quoting time and to immediately process a purchase order for manufacturing. The program offers standard configurations of each product and the use of EZ order numbers, which bypass the quoting and configuration steps.

WIKA’s large inventory and constant restocking of a broad range of thermowells make the process even more efficient. The net result is that most orders move directly into scheduling within hours of receipt. Quick Ship orders are automatically given the highest priority. In most cases, products can be manufactured or customized within two to three business days and are delivered within five days. Products not included in the Quick Ship list can also be ordered on an expedited basis.

Let WIKA’s knowledgeable technical support staff walk you through your options for thermocouple repair or replacement. We are more than happy to answer any questions you have about thermocouples, other temperature measurement devices, and how to take advantage of the Quick Ship Program. In addition, consultations and technical support are available by phone to those who wish to replace a thermocouple using their own personnel. Be sure to check out WIKA’s YouTube channel for a variety of thermocouple-related tutorials, including how to install the following models of tubeskin thermocouples:
Xtracto-Pad® (TC59-X)
•  Refracto-Pad® (TC59-R)
•  V-Pad® (TC59-V)


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