If you don’t have a thermocouple replacement part in stock, you don’t have to let your critical processes sit idle while you wait for a new one to arrive. In the past, you may have experienced long lead times for getting the electrical temperature measurement devices you needed. Even the leading manufacturers required at least a week to produce temperature measurement instruments. That has all changed with the launch of WIKA’s Quick Ship Program. With this program, you can choose from 10 popular electrical temperature products, including thermocouples, RTDs, and thermowells. WIKA will guarantee shipment of products in five business days or less. WIKA is one of the very few firms worldwide capable of offering customers this kind of just-in-time manufacturing and delivery of instrument assemblies. With multiple manufacturing facilities spread across the globe, WIKA has the resources to get you the temperature measurement product you need…when you need it.

Quick Ship Program Streamlines Logistics to Get Your Thermocouples, RTDs, Thermowells Delivered ASAP

The ability to immediately process a purchase order and send it to manufacturing meant WIKA had to streamline a number of logistical operations. One time-saving feature is the use of standard configurations of each product, as well as the use of EZ order numbers to cut out the quoting and configuration stages of the order process. The final result of the new streamlined process is that new orders can move directly into scheduling within just a few hours of receipt. Additionally, the fulfillment system automatically identifies all Quick Ship orders, so they can be prioritized from the start of the process. Products are typically manufactured within two to three days and will always be shipped within five days. Learn how to expedite your order and shipment of RTD sensors, thermocouples and thermowells, visit our site or email us at easyorder-usa@wika.com.

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