Temperature Measurement Solutions for Refineries

Gayesco-WIKA has decades of expertise in designing, manufacturing, and installing high-performance temperature measurement systems for refineries, an industry that requires accurate and robust thermocouple assemblies to keep their applications running smoothly and safely. Our products, including the innovative Flex-R® multipoint thermocouple assemblies and the Refracto-Pad®, VPad®, and Xtracto-Pad® tubeskin thermocouple assemblies, are found in refineries all over the world.

As safety, environmental, and performance demands increase, refineries have an ever greater need for temperature measurement systems that are accurate and reliable. Plant engineers must closely monitor the temperature of catalyst beds, distillation columns, tubeskins, and rundown lines – both to ensure that the feedstock is being processed efficiently and that reactors do not operate within an unsafe temperature zone.

Temperature Measurement Products in Refinery Applications

Gayesco-WIKA USA has been designing innovative devices for refineries since 1958. Taking into account the particular needs of the oil and gas sector, our experts have developed a range of products that meet the challenging demands of refining processes. Today, these temperature measurement solutions can be found at the core of most refinery applications around the world.

Gayesco-WIKA’s most popular products for refinery applications include:   

  • Multipoint Temperature Measurement Systems. The Flex-R® multipoint thermocouple assembly is an effective, flexible tool for refiners to get radial temperature information. More than 125,000 of these dependable and long-lasting temperature measurement sensors can be found in almost 2,400 reactors around the world. They are so robust that refiners include them in safety systems, such as automatic reactor depressurization units. They are also extremely reliable. In fact, some earlier models lasted almost three decades before they were updated. (For optimal performance, Gayesco-WIKA recommends verifying the health of the system during catalyst change-outs and replacing it with a new thermocouple assembly every 15–25 years.)

Flex-R systems are routinely used in fixed bed catalyst reactors, catalyst regenerators, and column and contactor applications in:

  • Hydrocrackers
  • Hydrotreaters
  • Continuous catalytic reformers
  • Fluid catalytic crackers
  • Isomerization units
  • Crude and vacuum distillation units

Besides the Flex-R, Gayesco-WIKA also makes T-Bar multipoints, Flex-O™ pipewell multipoints, and mini multipoints. This variety of options allows us to design systems that measure temperature precisely where it is needed in order to ensure safety and optimize operations.

  • Tubeskin Temperature Measurement Systems

Gayesco-WIKA’s Refracto-Pad® is a shielded tubeskin thermocouple assembly designed with an innovative opaque insulation that better represents tubeskin temperature in furnaces and boilers. The latest version, the Xtracto-Pad®, features a removable thermocouple that eliminates the need for additional welding when replaced. The V-Pad® tubeskin thermocouple has an engineered block design and a V-shaped sensor for a full-penetration welded connection.

  • Reactor Skin Temperature Measurement Systems

Gayesco-WIKA makes traditional thermocouple systems and thermowell reactor skin temperature measurement assemblies for high-temperature and heavy-duty applications. To bring the most innovative products to the market, Gayesco-WIKA has partnered with several leading suppliersto incorporate fiber optics technology in order to improve reactor skin temperature measurements.

  • Pilot Light Detectors

Gayesco-WIKA manufactures a complete line of flame rods for furnace safety systems. The GFR-3, for example, is an extremely robust and reliable flame rod that is commonly used to detect pilot lights in crude furnaces, hydrotreater furnaces, and hydrocracking furnaces.

  • Specialty Measurement Systems

Gayesco-WIKA’s experts can create innovative solutions for temperature measurement in a variety of refinery units. They work closely with customers to find the best options and then engineer a system customized to the specific requirements of each application.

With a thorough understanding of the unique challenges that refineries face, Gayesco-WIKA offers high-quality technology, installation, and calibration to help refineries meet the industry’s increasing demands. Contact our experienced engineers and product managers for more information about temperature measurement solutions created specifically for the oil & gas and petrochemical sectors.

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