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By simulating process conditions and recreating our customers’ actual problems, WIKA is able to come up with measurement solutions for tough challenges in the oil & gas industry.

Conducting tests on a working reactor is expensive, as doing so requires taking the unit offline. The WIKA R&D Center for Temperature Measurement allows our engineers to replicate actual process conditions in order to solve industry challenges to better help customers increase their units’ safety and efficiency.

Our real-world testing platform is a 9.6M BTU unit that simulates process conditions of larger-scale reactors. As it circulates heat transfer fluid through a continuous loop, we collect real-time data on instrumentation, catalyst performance, and reactor internals, which our experts then analyze at the on-site control facility. We can:

  • Detect catalyst maldistribution
  • Increase throughput
  • Maximize efficiency

Temperature measurement is not all that WIKA tests. Our comprehensive R&D facility also incorporates instrumentation for level, pressure, and flow.

For more information about testing reactor process conditions and how it can improve your plant’s safety fill out the form below and we’ll be in touch.

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