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  • Portrait of Brad Rennick

    Brad Rennick

    Executive Vice President of SalesWIKA USA
    Ambitious Executive who creates a strategic alliance with the organization's leader's to effectively align and support key business initiatives. Builds and retains high-performance teams by hiring, developing and motivating skilled professionals.
  • Portrait of Don Eisenhart

    Don Eisenhart

    Product Management
    I joined WIKA in 1997 and have had various assignments within the company since then; I have worked as an Account Manager, Market Segment Manager and EPC Project Manager. In September 2011, I accepted the role of Product Manager for mechanical and electronic pressure instrumentation used in the Semiconductor Market Segement. I look forward to any questions, comments or suggestions you may have.
  • Portrait of Adam DeLancey

    Adam DeLancey

    Product Management, ETM CoE WIKA Canada
    I started my career with WIKA in 2004 after finishing my studies in Engineering Design and Drafting. After being the Product Manager for WIKA Canada for several years I transferred to the CoE for ETM covering the Americas region supporting manufacturing and sales with engineered Electrical Temperature Measurement solutions. I focus on special applications for temperature measurement including tubeskin and multipoint products.
  • Portrait of Harry Booth

    Harry Booth

    Business Development ManagerWIKA USA
    I have been with WIKA since 2008 and have worked in the industry since 1976. These forty years of industry experience offer me unique insight as to how our diverse range of technologies may be applied to a wide variety of markets and applications. I enjoy working with WIKA customers to solve their unique measurement problems.
  • Portrait of Henry Hardee

    Henry Hardee

    B. Eng
    Global Key Account Manager
    I have been in the Oil and Gas industry for nearly 10 years with an emphasis on Instrumentation. I started with WIKA as the Strategic Account Manager for RJ Global before beginning my new role leveraging our strong OEM relationships to help sell and represent all WIKA products.
  • Portrait of Ravi Jethra

    Ravi Jethra

    Segment Management - Power & Energy WIKA USA
    I am a Senior Market Segment Manager with WIKA USA after working in varied & diverse roles in Application Engineering, Product & Sales Management all within heavy industry market segment and focused on energy-centric businesses (fossil, nuclear & renewables). My education is from Arizona State University and the University of Bombay and I hold an MBA and a B.Eng. (Instrumentation). I live in Washington DC Metro area with my family, and in my spare time I experiment with Indian cuisine to suit American palate.
  • Portrait of Jeff Placek

    Jeff Placek

    Segment Management – Mobile Working Machines
    I have over 25 years of experience working with instrumentation in diverse industrial and process industries. As Market Segment Manager for Mobile Working Machines I work closely with industry leading companies in the development and specification of sensors for next generation machines. In this blog I would like to interact with like-minded professionals and share my knowledge and experience with instrumentation and sensors for off-road machinery.
  • Portrait of Jessica Woodside

    Jessica Woodside

    Senior Marketing Manager, Campaigns & CommunicationsWIKA USA
    I have been working with WIKA since September 2017. I came on board with the company in a Campaign Strategist role, and was promoted to Senior Marketing Manager in charge of Marketing Campaigns, Content Creation, and Communications. I hold an MBA in Marketing from J. Mack Robinson College of Business at Georgia State University and a BA in Literature from the University of North Carolina at Asheville.
  • Portrait of Leo Lopez

    Leo Lopez

    Segment Management, SF6 ProductsWIKA USA
    As a MSM for SF6 products in Las Americas, I’ve been responsible to grow our SF6 business to keep up with our 2025 vision.I find it fascinating when we accomplish many tasks such as market penetration for our gas handling equipment and SF6 transmitters.I love to travel and create new opportunities for WIKA.
  • Portrait of Matt Brown

    Matt Brown

    Calibration Lab ManagementWIKA USA
    I have been in manufacturing since 2008, working with various applications and industries. In 2016 I took over the Calibration laboratory at the WIKA Americas headquarters and continue to keep out lab at the forefront of metrological applications. I hope to use this blog to inform our customers of the value regular calibration can bring to their business.
  • Portrait of Michael Muth

    Michael Muth

    Segment Management - Food and Pharma WIKA USA
    Working in the field of instrumentation for 15 years, Michael gathered experience in the markets of Germany, North- and South America and Asia. He is an industrial engineer and a voting member of the ASME BPE. Michael strives to provide instrumentation solutions for bioprocessing equipment.
  • Portrait of Mark White

    Mark White

    Market Segment ManagementWIKA USA
    While working in the technical instrumentation and engineered solution markets for the past fifteen years, I have been given the opportunity to experience a multitude of applications and products. Focusing specifically on pressure, level, temperature and force, I hope to be able to share some of that experience with a broader audience. All posts will intend to highlight WIKA solutions to the technical applications in the Aerospace and Military markets, as well as product highlights focused on electronic pressure, force and direct drive technology.
  • Portrait of Hardy Orzikowski

    Hardy Orzikowski

    Product Management- PressureWIKA USA
    After finishing my business apprenticeship at WIKA Germany in 1985 I have worked in many different positions and areas within WIKA. In 1991 I transferred to the US headquarters in Lawrenceville and since 2006 I am product manager for mechanical pressure and temperature instrumentation and accessories. Over the past 35 years I have gathered a vast knowledge in the field of instrumentation and its applications. It is my passion to share the years of experience and product knowledge with our customers and end users through daily communications and blogs like this one.
  • Portrait of Patrick McGrath

    Patrick McGrath

    B. Eng
    Director of Sales, Industrial Machines
    I have been working with WIKA for three years, starting out as a Product Specialist. As a result of my comprehensive knowledge of WIKA products and applications in the machine building market, I was promoted to a Market Segment Manager position, and, more recently, became Director of Sales for Machine Building Applications. I strive to consistently inform my relationships with our customers with curiosity and a drive to find innovative, cost-effective solutions for them.
  • Portrait of Robert Lukat

    Robert Lukat

    Product Management- Electronic Pressure Measurement WIKA USA
    I joined WIKA in 1999 as an Applications Engineer specializing in Electronic Pressure Measurement. Since this time, I have held several positions actively involved with Sales and Support of the Electronic Pressure Measurement product line.
  • Portrait of Robert Torgerson

    Robert Torgerson

    Director of Technology - Refinery ApplicationsWIKA USA / Gayesco
    I am one of the subject matter experts for Refining and multipoint thermocouple applications around the world. I have been with Gayesco WIKA since 2004 creating innovative solutions to challenging temperature measurement solutions in difficult refining and petrochemical applications.
  • Portrait of Raimund Weissner

    Raimund Weissner

    Dipl. Ing. (FH)
    Technical Director Diaphragm Seals
    For the most part of my professional career (30 years plus) I was involved in design, production and applying pressure systems involving diaphragm seals. In particular the application of this technology is part of my expertise. In a lot of industrial manufacturing diaphragm seals are helping in difficult measuring solutions. Particular corrosion and temperature problems can be supported with this technology. The variety of tasks and issues are endless in upstream, downstream, sanitary, power and food processing among others. Specification details, supporting documentation and industrial standards on a global basis allowing a wide variety of support. An overall knowledge about pressure gauge in general and particular pressure instrumentation such as process transmitters is required in order to design practical solutions. Demonstrating these duties for our customers is my commitment and challenge on a daily basis.
  • Portrait of Nicholas Steele

    Nicholas Steele

    CoE Flow R&D Engineer
    WIKA / FTI Industries
    I started with WIKA straight out of college as a project engineer at Fluidic Techniques. I guided the design and manufacture of our Primary Flow Elements from beginning to end. I now work for the CoE of Flow to develop new and innovating processes and products to propel WIKA as the premier flow company in the world. I look forward to establishing our brand and training anyone who wants to know more.
  • Portrait of Trey Himes

    Trey Himes

    Product Specialist-LevelWIKA USA
    I am responsible for the U.S. level instrumentation department at WIKA. This includes product management, sales support, and assisting the communications team with application expertise. Visitors to this blog are welcome to contact myself for further explanation of specific applications that have benefited our customers.
  • Portrait of Tony Maupin

    Tony Maupin

    BS Mechanical Engineer, MBA
    Segment Management, Chemicals & Petrochemical
    Prior to serving in my current role as Market Segment Manager, I worked as a mechanical design engineer, capital equipment territory sales manager, and a senior instrumentation engineer. I greatly enjoy technical challenges as well as helping customers overcome their instrumentation challenges. In speaking with those in the processing industry, I am able to draw on my varied experiences in rotating equipment design, R&D management, and consultative sales to move us towards understanding and solutions.

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