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  • Portrait of Alina Green

    Alina Green

    Chemical Engineer
    Market Segment Specialist
    Alina Green is a chemical engineer with significant experience in providing technical solutions for oil and gas operators. Her passion for process instrumentation started as an end-user looking for the best-suited products for her applications and trying to understand their limitations. As a chemical market specialist at WIKA USA, her focus is on driving internal product development through in-depth knowledge of customer applications to provide the best value solutions.
  • Portrait of Chaz Marsinick

    Chaz Marsinick

    Director of SalesWIKA Sensor Technology, LP
  • Portrait of Chi-Che Ma

    Chi-Che Ma

    Diaphragm Seals Product Manager WIKA USA
    Chi-Che joined the team at WIKA in 2016 and is currently the Diaphragm Seals Product Manager for WIKA USA. He is skilled in Petroleum, Gas, Oilfield, Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (FMEA), and Creo Parametrics. Chi-Che holds a Bachelor of Science (BS) focused in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Texas at Austin.
  • Portrait of Daniel Burch

    Daniel Burch

    Product Manager - Industrial InstrumentationWIKA USA
  • Portrait of Adam DeLancey

    Adam DeLancey

    Manager, R&D Center Electrical Temperature MeasurementWIKA USA
    Adam DeLancey started his career with WIKA in 2004 after finishing his studies in Engineering Design and Drafting. After being Product Manager at WIKA Canada for several years, he transferred to the ETM division covering the Americas region, supporting manufacturing and sales with engineered Electrical Temperature Measurement solutions. Currently he is the R&D Manager in Houston for special applications in temperature measurement, including tubeskin and multipoint products.
  • Portrait of Ravi Jethra

    Ravi Jethra

    Segment Management - Power & Energy WIKA USA
    I am a Senior Market Segment Manager with WIKA USA after working in varied & diverse roles in Application Engineering, Product & Sales Management all within heavy industry market segment and focused on energy-centric businesses (fossil, nuclear & renewables). My education is from Arizona State University and the University of Bombay and I hold an MBA and a B.Eng. (Instrumentation). I live in Washington DC Metro area with my family, and in my spare time I experiment with Indian cuisine to suit American palate.
  • Portrait of Jeff Placek

    Jeff Placek

    Business Development Manager - Industrial Instrumentation Division
    I have over 25 years of experience working with instrumentation in diverse industrial and process industries. As Market Segment Manager for Mobile Working Machines I work closely with industry leading companies in the development and specification of sensors for next generation machines. In this blog I would like to interact with like-minded professionals and share my knowledge and experience with instrumentation and sensors for off-road machinery.
  • Portrait of Jessica Woodside

    Jessica Woodside

    Director of Marketing WIKA USAWIKA USA
    I have been working with WIKA since September 2017. I came on board with the company in a Campaign Strategist role, and was promoted to Senior Marketing Manager in charge of Marketing Campaigns, Content Creation, and Communications. I hold an MBA in Marketing from J. Mack Robinson College of Business at Georgia State University and a BA in Literature from the University of North Carolina at Asheville.
  • Portrait of Leo Lopez

    Leo Lopez

    Segment Management, SF6 ProductsWIKA USA
    As a MSM for SF6 products in Las Americas, I’ve been responsible to grow our SF6 business to keep up with our 2025 vision.I find it fascinating when we accomplish many tasks such as market penetration for our gas handling equipment and SF6 transmitters.I love to travel and create new opportunities for WIKA.
  • Portrait of Hardy Orzikowski

    Hardy Orzikowski

    Product Management – PressureWIKA USA
    Since finishing my business apprenticeship with WIKA Germany in 1985, I have worked in many different positions and areas. In 1991 I transferred to Lawrenceville (USA) and since 2006 I have been product manager for mechanical pressure and temperature instrumentation and accessories. In my professional life I have gained extensive knowledge in the field of instrumentation and its applications, which I am very happy to share with customers and end users.
  • Portrait of Patrick McGrath

    Patrick McGrath

    Director of Product ManagementWIKA USA
    I have been working with WIKA for three years, starting out as a Product Specialist. As a result of my comprehensive knowledge of WIKA products and applications in the machine building market, I was promoted to a Market Segment Manager position, and, more recently, became Director of Sales for Machine Building Applications. I strive to consistently inform my relationships with our customers with curiosity and a drive to find innovative, cost-effective solutions for them.
  • Portrait of Ron Alexander

    Ron Alexander

    Calibration Lab/Manufacturing ManagerWIKA USA
  • Portrait of Rafael Derencio

    Rafael Derencio

    Product Manager WEgrid
    Industrial Instrumentation
    With an interest in automation, control, and instrumentation systems, I have been working in related fields for over 15 years. Currently, at WIKA, I am the product manager for WEgrid, our product family responsible for equipment related to the entire life cycle of SF6 gas. This includes analyzers, detectors, densimeters, transmitters, handling equipment, and various accessories.
  • Portrait of Robert Lukat

    Robert Lukat

    Product Management- Electronic Pressure Measurement WIKA USA
    I joined WIKA in 1999 as an Applications Engineer specializing in Electronic Pressure Measurement. Since this time, I have held several positions actively involved with Sales and Support of the Electronic Pressure Measurement product line.
  • Portrait of Robert Torgerson

    Robert Torgerson

    Director of Technology - Refinery ApplicationsWIKA USA
    I am one of the subject matter experts for Refining and multipoint thermocouple applications around the world. I have been with WIKA since 2004 creating innovative solutions to challenging temperature measurement solutions in difficult refining and petrochemical applications.
  • Portrait of Victoria Friedheim

    Victoria Friedheim

    Communications Specialist
    Strategy & Marketing