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WIKA’s GDI-100 gas density indicator, a robust analog measuring instrument, has long been a trusted device for measuring and monitoring SF6 gas in medium- and high-voltage equipment. For calibration-standard accuracy, WIKA offers the GDI-100-D digital gas density indicator with high-precision sensor technology and wireless communications.

Sulfur hexafluoride (SF6) is an extremely effective electrical insulator used in a variety of applications, in particular medium- and high-voltage switchgear. To maintain proper insulation, the density inside the gas tank or chamber must remain within certain levels. Furthermore, as escaped SF6 is detrimental to the environment, users of this powerful greenhouse gas must make sure there are no leaks anywhere in the system.

For decades, the transmission and distribution (T&D) sector has relied on WIKA’s analog GDI-100 gas density indicators to detect SF6 leaks and maintain proper gas pressure. Hermetically sealed, robust, and temperature-compensated, this device remains the go-to gauge for monitoring SF6 gas in closed-tank electrical switchgear. However, there are certain capabilities that only a digital instrument can offer. 

Precision Digital Gas Density Indicator

WIKA has been manufacturing compensated gas density indicators for over 30 years. Because our SF6 experts know the T&D market and understand that this sector’s needs have evolved over time, WIKA has designed the GDI-100-D. This state-of-the-art digital gas density indicator combines the simplicity of an analog device with the accuracy of a digital gauge.

The GDI-100-D provides temporary or continuous monitoring of SF6 gas density. To do so, it measures pressure inside the tank with the CPG1500 precision digital pressure gauge. There’s also a temperature sensor that compensates for temperature variations (referenced to 20°C). Using these measurements, the unit’s internal algorithm quickly calculates the gas density.

This gas density gauge is simple to operate. It has a user-friendly navigation menu and a lighted display with integral bar graphs and large text area. A data logger stores up to three measured values per second.

An exceptional 0.6% accuracy makes the GDI-100-D the ideal instrument for verifying and calibrating other gas density indicators, monitors, and sensors. It is also useful for checking the tightness of a tank after maintenance or repairs.

Gas Density Indicator with Digital Capabilities

Today’s connected systems call for smart devices. The GDI-100-D comes with Bluetooth for wireless communication between the gas density indicator and a user’s software for remote monitoring.

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myWIKA device

The app myWIKA device, available on both Google Play and Apple’s App Store, offers additional flexibility for configuring the instrument and monitoring SF6 gas. With this app, users can easily:

  • Check gas density
  • Check gas pressure
  • Check the actual gas temperature
  • See bar graphs
  • See the mean value over time
  • See logger data (initialization, configurations, stop)
  • Retrieve historical data
  • Change units
  • Adjust zero, reading rate, and internal clock

The GDI-100 remains the gas density indicator of choice for the T&D world. But for a device with calibration-level accuracy, data logging, and other digital capabilities, the GDI-100-D is quickly becoming the industry standard. See this video for a quick introduction to the digital gas density indicator. For more information about this or other SF6 gas solutions, contact WIKA’s SF6 experts.

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