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Pressurized air powers a wide assortment of equipment and enables a range of processes. To ensure the performance and longevity of air compressors, these units require reliable instrumentation for monitoring pressure and temperature.

A multitude of industrial assemblies and processes rely on compressed air. Its applications range from inflating tires and cleaning machinery to providing breathable air for firefighters and divers. The main use of air compressors, though, is to power machines, engines, and tools. It’s little wonder, then, that the global air compressor market is large and growing rapidly: valued at over $31 billion in 2018, and projected to expand by 3.8% annually between now and 2025.

Two Types of Air Compressors

Air compressors take ambient air, pressurize it to the desired level, and deliver it to power a piece of equipment. The two most common types are piston compressors and screw compressors.

The more common type, piston compressors comprise a crankshaft (usually driven by an electric motor), connecting rod, cylinder, piston, and valve head. Screw compressors have two screws placed in parallel with interlocking screw profiles; the screws have opposite axes so the air is pressed in one specific direction. Of the two types, screw compressors deliver more air.

To prevent a drop in pressure that could halt operations, many compressors come with an attached tank to ensure a continuous flow of air at the right pressure.

WIKA’s Products for Air Compressor Manufacturers

For maximum performance and safety, air compressors require continual monitoring of pressure and temperature. WIKA offers a range of high-quality products for air compressor manufacturers:

Bourdon tube pressure gauge

Model 111.10 Bourdon tube pressure gauge


Model 111.10and 111.12pressure gauges have a Bourdon tube that deflects with pressurization proportionally to the incident pressure, and then transmits the movement to an indicator. Their modular design enables various combinations of case materials, process connections, nominal sizes, and scale ranges. Because WIKA manufactures several million of the standard Model 111.1X each year in our modern production lines, they are competitively priced.

The O-10pressure transmitter comes with a variety of process and electrical connections, pressure ranges, and output signals. With its international units and corresponding approvals for both North American and European markets, this transmitter is especially suited for the demands of the global market.



Model TFS35 bimetal temperature switch (from left) with rectangular connector per EN 175301-803, with connector AMP Junior Power Timer, and with circular connector M12 x 1

The Model TF35threaded thermometer with plug connection is ideal for measuring temperature in liquid and gaseous media from −50°C to +250 °C (−58°F to +482°F). The standard version of this RTD can be used for up to 50 bar (725 psi) of pressure. A directly mounted coupler connector ensures simple installation. The TF35 can also be inserted directly into the process using an integrated thermowell– which can be made of brass or of stainless steel, depending on the application – with threaded connection.

WIKA’s large portfolio of temperature switchesfor air compressors include Models TFS35and TFS135. The bimetal disk of these switches snaps over when it reaches the nominal switching temperature (NST). The switch returns to its original state when the disk cools back down to the reset switching temperature (RST). Both models are extremely useful for limiting temperatures to protect equipment from overheating.

The TFS35, for switching voltages up to 48 V, can be delivered in a Normally Close (NC) or Normally Open (NO) contact design. Typical RSTs are 15 to 40 K below the switching temperature.

The TFS135 works with switching voltages of up to 250 V and has a NC contact. Typical reset switching temperatures are 15 to 30 K below NST. For extended temperature control, the TFS135 is available with a second NC contact or an additional Pt100/Pt1000 measuring element. The TFS135 also comes with UL (Underwriter Laboratories) component certification.

OEMs can trust WIKA’s high-quality instruments for monitoring pressure and temperature. Contact the experts at WIKA USA to find the ideal gauges, switches, and sensors for your air compressors.

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  1. John Leikvoll

    I have a porter cable air compresser pancake type. After use and I shut it off, or after presure build up and it shuts of automaticly, I hear air leaking and will leak until tank is empty. What might be the problem? a bad check valve or drain valve? Thanks for reply.

    • Jeff Placek

      Hi John, please contact the manufacturer of the compressor to determine possible causes for the air leakage.

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