Wastewater treatment

Wastewater treatment plants require an array of measurement instruments to make sure processes operate efficiently and safely. WIKA USA is a one-stop shop for the monitoring technology this industry needs.

Fresh water is one of this planet’s most important assets. One key way to make sure we don’t squander this precious commodity is to clean and purify wastewater so it can be returned either to nature or to the public water supply.

Equipment for Wastewater Treatment

WIKA USA offers a comprehensive selection of instruments for all stages of a treatment plant. Here’s a sampling of WIKA’s technologies for water and wastewater treatment:

Preliminary treatment of wastewater treatment

Preliminary treatment stage

Preliminary treatment stage: removing debris and floatables

Sewage and slurry are difficult media, requiring extremely robust pressure gaugesand process transmittersto track the condition of influent lines. Resistance thermometers (RTDs)monitor the performance of pumps and motors that work practically nonstop. Primary flow elementsdetect small issues in piping before they become bigger, more expensive problems.



Primary treatment of wastewater treatment

Primary treatment stage

Primary treatment stage: clarifying the wastewater

Mechanical skimmers remove solids and fats, while chemicals assist with coagulation, flocculation, and sludge conditioning. Compact pressure switchesin skid-mounted injection systems make sure the wastewater receives just the right amount of chemicals. Submersible pressure transmitters for level measurementhelp prevent overflow in basins and channels.



Secondary treatment of wastewater treatment

Secondary treatment stage

Secondary treatment stage: encouraging decomposition

An efficient way to reduce biomass is to encourage existing bacteria to break it down. For processes that infuse the wastewater with oxygen (aerobic treatment), differential pressure gaugesdetect whether aeration disks are clear or blocked. Temperature transmittersmake sure the digesters are optimized for anaerobic activity.




Tertiary treatment stage of wastewater treatment

Tertiary treatment stage

Tertiary treatment stage: getting rid of silt and microbes

After the previous three stages, the wastewater now contains only TSS (total suspended solids). Reverse osmosis (RO) membranes sift out large pathogens and silt; pressure gauges with diaphragm sealsmonitor this process. Chemical agents and/or UV light kill off any remaining microorganisms.



Expertise in Wastewater Treatment

The instrument specialists at WIKA have helped build some of the world’s largest municipal wastewater treatment plants. This wealth of knowledge and experience allows us to offer our customers outstanding service and advice on all aspects of wastewater treatment, from initial design to maintenance and calibration. Download this brochureor contact us for more information.

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