WIKA instruments for hydraulic power packs

Hydraulic power packs provide the energy needed to run machinery in many demanding industrial applications. WIKA offers three highly reliable and customizable electronic switches — for pressure, temperature, and level — that help manufacturers of hydraulic power packs build safer, more efficient products. The option for remote data transmission adds to these compact switches’ value.

Hydraulic power packs are self-contained sources of power that produce the force needed to operate heavy machinery such as hydraulic presses, hydraulic lifts, plastic injection molding machines, and wind turbines. They work by supplying hydraulic power through a control valve that either drives a hydraulic motor (rotational movement) or moves a hydraulic cylinder (linear movement).

To prevent operational inefficiencies or failure when using hydraulic power packs, it’s vital to control the pressure, temperature, and fluid level in real time. Even better is customizable instrumentation that allows end users to set switching parameters according to their application’s exact needs, as well as the ability to transmit data for remote monitoring.

WIKA Products Are Ideal for Hydraulic Power Packs

WIKA manufactures three state-of the-art switches for companies who build hydraulic power packs for end users. The PSD-4 electronic pressure switch, the TSD-30 electronic temperature switch, and the LSD-30 electronic level switch are all highly configurable and offer large displays for local indication. There’s also the option for remote data monitoring.

PSD-4 Electronic Pressure Switch

WIKA’s PSD-4 electronic pressure switch with LED display features scalable output signals and adaptable mounting configurations. For hydraulic power packs,the PSD-4 is ideal because it offers highly customizable switching. For example, users can configure this electronic pressure switch to set off an alarm or turn off the hydraulic pump when the pressure reaches a predetermined limit. For even greater functionality, the PSD-4 can be integrated into networked automation systems via an IO-Link.

TSD-30 Electronic Temperature Switch

The TSD-30 is an electronic temperature switch that simplifies operations with the largest possible number display (9 mm/.35 inches) and a user-friendly interface. This device comes standard with very flexible mounting configurations and versatile switch options. When installed in a hydraulic power pack, the TSD-30 monitors fluid temperatures and, when it gets too high, can activate a cooling system. The option for remote data transmission allows the TSD-30 to be used with networked systems.

LSD-30 Level Switch

The LSD-30 has an easily readable display, intuitive three-key operations, and highly configurable switching functions. Its measuring element is a resistance measuring chain with reed switches and float. This level switch can play a key role in the safety and functionality of a hydraulic power pack: If the fill level in the hydraulic reservoir drops too low, the LSD-30 can shut down the pump and send out a signal to warn users of the situation.

When used together, the PSD-4, TSD-30, and LSD-30 offer excellent control and monitoring for hydraulic power packs, which allows machinery to operate at peak performance. For more information on WIKA’s solutions for manufacturers of hydraulic power packs, contact WIKA’s team of experts.

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