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A U.S. manufacturer of agricultural equipment has long relied on WIKA’s pressure sensors for machine control. It now is starting to use the RLT-1000 in its sprayer tanks, a critical area for level measurement in farm sprayers, due to this level sensor’s quality, design, and customizability.

For decades, WIKA USA has supplied manufacturers of agricultural machinery with an array of pressure gauges, sensors, and switches. But WIKA is not simply synonymous with pressure measurement; the company also has a comprehensive portfolio of high-quality instruments for level, temperature, and other measurements.

A major provider of precision agricultural technology has long trusted WIKA for pressure measurement solutions. It uses:

In 2019, the provider started incorporating the RLT-1000 level sensor in the farm sprayers that it builds for major OEMs in the agriculture industry.

Level sensor by WIKA

RLT-1000 level sensor

Why Choose the RLT-1000 Level Sensor

The ag tech company was seeking a reliable instrument for continuous level measurement in the tanks of farm sprayers. The company’s engineers, working closely with WIKA’s experts, found the ideal solution by customizing the RLT-1000 reed-chain level sensor.

After reviewing their options with WIKA’s application specialist, the engineers opted for an all-stainless steel design for chemical compatibility and a dual mounted stem for the extreme shock that the farm sprayer’s tank would experience moving through the field. WIKA custom-made sensors with guide tubes that ranged from 1,700 mm to 2,200 mm (70 inches to 86.6 inches) to accommodate their various tanks sizes. The level sensors were mounted through the top of the tanks and supplied with diverse process connections, including flanges to match each tank’s particular requirements.

Other reasons the ag tech company started using WIKA’s level sensor for farm sprayers:

  • Reputation. The company knows that machine downtime is unacceptable in the ag industry, and prides itself on building the most reliable products in the market. Having a long history with WIKA, and witnessing the quality and robustness of their products, the ag tech company trusted only one partner for this mission-critical application.
  • Value. The RLT-1000 uses quality components and a proven WIKA design to provide exceptional value to both the manufacturer and end user by eliminating costly warranty expenses and field replacements.
  • Relationship. The company’s engineers have a long relationship with WIKA’s application specialists, who they trust will provide the most reliable and cost-effective solution for the application. Having a sensor expert on the team made implementation quick and easy, saving time to market.
  • Customer satisfaction. WIKA offers exceptional pre- and post-purchase support on all its products with a dedicated customer service representative. In addition, the ag tech company was already aware of WIKA’s superior service when it comes to ordering, delivery, and customer satisfaction.

The Ideal Level Sensor for Farm Sprayers

The RLT-1000 is known for its durability, customizability, output capabilities, and flexibility.

  • Made of stainless steel or chemical-resistant plastic, this level sensor is ideal for measurement in water, oil, diesel, refrigerants, herbicides/pesticides, and liquid fertilizers.
  • The standard lengths of guide tubes range from 150mm to 1,500mm (6 inches to 59 inches), but the RLT-1000 can be custom designed to be even longer. The float size, shape (spherical or cylindrical), and material (stainless steel or Buna/NBR nitrile rubber) can also be customized for each application.
  • The RLT-1000 offers a resistance output signal in a 3-wire potentiometer circuit or a current output signal of 4 to 20 mA.
  • Various electrical and process connections (threaded, flange) make it even easier to adapt the RLT-1000 to a particular application.

These features make this level sensor ideal for use in farm sprayers, regardless of their tanks’ size, media, or other specific requirements.

With a wide range of measurement solutions for level, pressure, temperature, flow, and force, WIKA USA is the ideal partner and a one-stop shop for manufacturers of agricultural sprayers and other mobile working machines. Contact our experts for more information about customizing level sensors for your unique applications.


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