Level measurement sensor

Accurate level measurement of tanks and vessels is key to cost-effective operations in mobile working machines like agricultural sprayers and fire trucks. However, due to various tank designs, manufacturers of such machinery can’t use standard off-the-shelf sensors. That’s why WIKA has designed the RLT-1000, a level sensor that is easily customized for the requirements of each machine, tank, and application.

What do agricultural sprayers, manure spreaders, street sweepers, brine trucks, and fire engines have in common? They are all mobile working machines that dispense a liquid. Their massive tanks hold pesticides, fertilizers, and water, which are then delivered as needed. Obviously, accurate level measurement of these tanks is critical for optimal performance.

However, such tanks are usually custom designed for the particular conditions of the application and to make the most of the machinery’s available space and power. These requirements make it difficult for mobile machine manufacturers to find an off-the shelf level sensor.

A Holding Tank’s Level Measurement Requirements

Do you want continuous level measurement for a custom-made tank, or need to measure fluid levels from the very top to the very bottom of a vessel? Some mobile working machines experience high vibration and require a level sensor that can withstand such shocks. Most level measurement devices aren’t suitable for such demanding requirements.

Level sensor by WIKA

Model RLT-1000 Level Sensor

After hearing from OEMs and mobile machine manufacturers, WIKA developed the RLT-1000, a reed chain sensor that can be used in a variety of level measurement applications. This level sensor is robust, economical, and highly customizable, offering a wide range of:

Electrical connectors

  • Angular connector
  • Circular connector
  • Cable outlet
  • Standard or compact connection housing


  • Resistance output in a 3-wire potentiometer circuit
  • 4 to 20 mA current output

Process connections

  • Thread connection
  • Flange connection

Accuracy, resolution

  • 3, 6, 10 or 12 mm


  • 316 stainless steel
  • Chemical-resistant plastics

Custom stem (guide tube) length

  • 150 to 1,500 mm (6 to 59 inches)
  • Longer lengths upon request

Float size, shape

  • Cylinder or sphere
  • Various diameters and heights

Float materials

  • 316 stainless steel
  • Buna/NBR nitrile rubber

Optional add-ons

  • Temperature measurement
  • Level switching
  • Top and bottom mounting

Proven Solutions for Mobile Working Machines

The RLT-1000 has been proven in the field time and time again. Highly customizable, this level measurement instrument works well with a variety of dimensions and configurations for a mobile working machine’s tanks. Here are some examples:

Agricultural sprayers

A major manufacturer of custom spraying systems has turned to the RLT-1000 for its clients’ agricultural sprayers. Even though each OEM uses a different tank size and configuration, depending on the vehicle, the RLT-1000 can accommodate each client’s requirements and has been the optimum solution for custom-designed tanks.

Street sweepers

Many manufacturers of street sweepers have also adopted the RLT-1000. These vehicles have large tanks to hold the water used for dust control, and those tanks are custom designed to fit each vehicle’s chassis. The RLT-1000 can be easily tailored to fit any sweeper’s tank size.

The RLT-1000 is also a dependable solution for measuring level in the tanks of fire trucks, manure spreaders, and brine trucks.

For more information about WIKA’s custom solutions for level measurement and/or mobile working machines, contact us today.


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