Modular is the new mantra in the process sector, and single-purpose, built-to-spec process skids are the latest trend in the refining and chemical industries.

A “skid” is a portable work station used in a process facility. It is modular in the sense in that it that can be moved into place with other skid modules and some plant infrastructure to set up a process.

Processing plants today use skids for various applications, especially steam production and water treatment. The equipment built onto the skid must, of course, include pressure, temperature, level and other measuring instruments to provide process data for control purposes.

Level Gauges that Meet Compact Skid Design Requirements

Building a specialized skid with all the necessary equipment and measuring instruments requires thoughtful, compact design. Skids often have to fit in very limited space in a processing facility, meaning you have to fit in as much function as possible in the allotted space.

Level gauges with an inverted design offer space-saving features. In fact, WIKA has helped a number of OEM skid builders come up with new space-saving skid designs that leverage this type of level gauge, which is fitted with multivariable transmitters and alarm switches that send process data.

Level Gauges: Inverted Design Benefits

Level gauges with an inverted design are particularly useful for skids that have low ground clearance. In an inverted design level gauge, the float has a bail loop welded to the top. Therefore, the float can be inserted from the top of the chamber instead of the bottom as it is in traditional level gauge design. This leaves adequate space at the bottom of the level gauge for piped draining to be installed without having to modify the skid base.

With the added design flexibility of an inverted level gauge, it is possible for skid builders to locate storage tanks for process media virtually anywhere on the skid, which equates to fewer overall design constraints.

Learn how level gauges with an inverted design and other WIKA instruments can help you with compact design for your process skids. Call one of our experienced technical sales reps and specialists today to discuss your specific needs.

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