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WIKA USA has added to its extensive line of measurement solutions a sub-one inch, submersible pressure sensor – ideal for level measurement and monitoring in water treatment and wastewater applications. The LF-1 comes with a variety of customizable options, including HART® communications capabilities and a temperature output for combined measurements.

WIKA has long had an ear to the market’s needs to make sure users have the quality products they require. One of the ways the company continuously meets those needs is with a miniature submersible pressure sensor for level measurement. Many of the ports and stilling wells that customers install in water treatment units are one inch in diameter. The LF-1, measuring only 0.87 inches (22mm) wide, is specially designed for level measurement in those water treatment and wastewater applications.

Submersible Pressure Sensor in Level Measuring

A submersible pressure sensor is a good solution for any application where you need to measure the level of a liquid that is vented to the atmosphere. Here at WIKA USA, for example, we use a pressure sensor to monitor the level in the tanks where we store fluid materials, such as glycerin, to know when it is time to re-order.

Submersible pressure sensors are routinely used to measure and monitor level in water treatment and wastewater applications so that tanks do not overflow, pumps do not run dry, and unclean runoff does not reach the local water table.

A submersible pressure sensor is also ideal for monitoring lake and reservoir levels at power generation dams to determine release rates. Also, to minimize refueling trips, a battery-operated submersible pressure sensor can monitor fluid levels in remote fuel tanks at construction sites.

Customizable Submersible Pressure Sensor

Submersible Pressure Sensor for Level Measurement

WIKA’s new LF-1 submersible pressure sensor is only 22mm (0.87 inches) wide, perfect for level measurement in water treatment and wastewater applications.

WIKA has made sure the LF-1 can be used in practically any environment. It comes with a variety of options so users can customize it to their particular applications. 

Reliable and accurate, the standard LF-1 features:

  • 316 stainless steel construction
  • Newly developed cables up to 150 feet (50m) long
  • Maximum immersion depth of 325 feet (100m)
  • Optimized discharge and large pressure port to prevent clogging
  • Accuracy of ≤ ± 1% of span
  • Ingress protection IP68
  • Optimized electronics for battery operation

The LF-1 can be customized with the following optional features:

  • Other materials, such as Hallestoy and FEP wetted parts, for particularly corrosive and aggressive conditions
  • Longer cables  
  • Temperature measurement
  • Overvoltage protection against lightning strikes in outdoor applications
  • LevelGuardTManti-clog attachmentfor media with sludge and/or solids
  • Accuracy of ≤ ± 0.5% of span
  • Integrated HART® communications capabilities
  • Intrinsically safe version

Combined Measurement Option

A submersible pressure sensor is adept at measuring fluid levels. However, one of the issues users face is maintaining accuracy as media temperature changes. This is particularly challenging when dealing with fuels and oils, as the density of these fluids could vary significantly at different temperatures.

The LF-1 solves that issue by offering the option of temperature measurement along with pressure and level. The temperature output allows users to compensate for any errors caused by temperature-induced changes in the density of the fluid. Level is, therefore, correctly assessed regardless of temperature variations.

The sub-one inch LF-1 is one of the many products WIKA has developed to ensure you get the best measuring instrumentation for your specific application. Contact WIKA todayto see how this miniature submersible pressure sensor can contribute to better, safer operations.

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    1. David Corbin

      Hi, my name is David Corbin and i work for a wastewater treatment plant in Killeen, Texas. One of our submersible Pressure Transducers went out and i am looking for a replacement. what we have is..

      P/N: 700S14A0A-0088
      S/N; 1611574
      DOM: 1642
      Range: 0-3.61 PSIG
      Excitation: 9-24 VDC
      Output: 4-20 mA

      I am looking for a direct replacement of the save values as the old one that went out.

      Thank you,
      David Corbin
      I/E tech
      Bell County WC&ID #1

      • Jessica Woodside

        Hi David! We are routing your request appropriately, you should hear from someone via email early next week at the latest.

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