The CPG1500 is a durable, user-friendly digital pressure gauge that features the versatility of an analog gauge and the extreme accuracy of a high-quality digital instrument.

With so many types of pressure gauges available in the market, how do you select the right one for a given application? For some users, the primary concern is simply to make sure the pressure stays within a certain range. Those processes typically call for a basic analog gauge. This is an inexpensive, robust pressure instrument that’s easy to use and does not need a power source.

Other applications require a much higher level of accuracy, for process or compliance/safety reasons. In these situations, most analog pressure gauges fall short, whereas digital pressure gauges can be as accurate as 0.025% of span. There’s also the advantage of an unambiguous digital display, which avoids the problems of parallax and user (mis)interpretation. In addition, higher-end digital pressure gauges offer wireless communication, essential for remote monitoring and digital networking in smart factories.

The WIKA CPG1500 Digital Pressure Gauge

CPG1500 product image

The CPG1500 digital pressure gauge by WIKA

The CPG1500 features the ruggedness and intuitiveness of an analog gauge, and raises it to a level matched only by a digital calibrator. It provides pressure readings with an accuracy of 0.1%, 0.05%, or 0.025% of full span. With a measuring range from 0 to 10,000 bar (0 to 150,000 psi), this digital pressure gauge is fully temperature-compensated for accurate readings from 14°F to 122°F (–10°C to 50°C).

It has CSA approval for intrinsically safe use in Class 1 Division 1 hazardous areas, and is also approved by IECEx, ATEX, and several other standardizing bodies. With IP65 ingress protection, the CPG1500 offers reliability and durability in extreme process conditions. The wetted parts are made of stainless steel 316; an optional rubber cap offers extra protection against shock and vibrations.

This high-performance pressure instrument is designed to be both a troubleshooting tool and a calibration device (calibration certificates available). It is ideal for use in the oil and gas industry, power generation, maintenance and service facilities, and the pharmaceutical sector.

Useful Features and Intuitive User Interface

Another strong point of the CPG1500 is its flexibility and ease of use. Operators define the digital gauge’s measuring (sampling) rate: The typical rate is three measured values per second, but can be as high as 50 per second. This device measures both gauge pressure and absolute pressure, giving users extra versatility in one instrument. The MIN/MAX function saves the highest and lowest pressure readings automatically, so this critical information can always be seen at a glance.

The 5.5″ display is backlight adjustable and has a large text field for easy viewing. It also features a semi-circular “bar graph” that mimics the pressure display of an analog gauge. The reading can be in psi, bar, or 24 other pressure units. Operators also have the option of setting their own measuring units via the WIKA-Cal software. With a 330-degree rotatable case, the CPG1500 can be installed for easy viewing in difficult-to-reach locations. Another useful feature is a visual warning on the display when:

  • The pressure and temperature are outside acceptable ranges.
  • The logger memory is more than 90% full.
  • There’s an instrument error.
  • The battery is at < 10%.

Remote communication works via WIKA-Wireless using Bluetooth, and the pressure data can be logged and transferred to a database for real-time analysis. WIKA-Cal also offers PC-supported calibration and the management of calibration and instrument data in an SQL database.

As a digital pressure gauge, the CPG1500 uses three AA batteries as its power source. An energy-saving function automatically puts the device in sleep mode when not in use, thus one set of batteries can last 2,000 to 2,500 hours. A status bar displays how much battery life is left in 25% increments.

WIKA: Global Leader in Pressure Measurement

There are many factors to take into consideration when choosing a pressure instrument: Gauge pressure, differential pressure, or absolute pressure? An analog or digital pressure gauge? Liquid-filled or dry? Which case material? For personalized information on how to determine the right instruments for your particular process, contact the pressure experts at WIKA USA.

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