Hazardous Settings Need the Right Pressure Transmitters, ever since Benjamin Franklin flew a kite in a lightning storm, people have embraced new uses for electricity. Yet just as Franklin learned when he touched a key wired to his kite—and received a sudden jolt—power has its dangers. Though some insist Franklin’s experiment is the stuff of myth, the power of heat and electrical energy is all too real.

Hazardous Settings Need the Right Transmitters

-The oil and gas industry, for instance, cannot function without the energy from electricity and heat, but it also has to treat them with the utmost care. There are critical factors in selecting the right transmitter for potentially hazardous applications. The instrumentation industry offers a plethora of pressure transmitters that have intrinsically safe or explosion-proof ratings. What’s more, intrinsically safe transmitters and explosion-proof pressure transmitters are available with a wide range of performance characteristics and price points. What might you look for? In seeking either explosion-proof or intrinsically safe pressure transmitters, you’ll want to meet four essential goals.

Rugged construction

Your new intrinsically safe transmitter or explosion-proof pressure transmitter must be constructed to eliminate damage from shock, pressure spikes, or other hazards, no matter how minor.

Safe media

An intrinsically safe explosion-proof pressure transmitter must not contain any materials that would react with the media being measured.


Can equipment be too sensitive? Not here: In detecting hazards, you want your pressure transmitters to be able to detect the smallest sign of a problem.


Last but certainly not least, you want your pressure transmitters to withstand time and harsh conditions, up to the worst Mother Nature might hand them. Reliable intrinsically safe transmitters and explosion-proof pressure transmitters will alert you if there is a problem in your production operation. If they aren’t reliable, problem signals might go undetected, leading to potentially disastrous consequences. Such tiny details are apt to bedevil even the most experienced operators, engineers, and plant managers. So when it comes to offering outstanding intrinsically safe pressure transmitters and explosion-proof pressure transmitters, WIKA has a trusted reputation for designing and building pressure instruments that can avert disasters from heat, electricity, or explosions. We’ve worked with a wide array of companies in the oil and gas industry, so we can ensure you have exactly the right instrument in the right place.  

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