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WIKA’s family of robust products with IO-Link – pressure, temperature, and flow sensors – enable the remote monitoring and process control of intelligent machines in smart factories.

IO-Link has revolutionized the monitoring, management, and control of digital devices in the field. The technology is powerful, versatile, easy to use, and greatly improves the efficiency and safety of a wide range of machine-building and automation applications.

What is IO-Link?

IO-Link is a communication technology that connects sensors and actuators to controllers within a networked environment. The IO-Link devices are joined to the IO-Link master, which has several ports, using a circular connector and a cable no longer than 66 feet (20 meters). Data flow is over short distances, point-to-point, and bidirectional – from the device to the master and vice versa. Thus the name: “IO” stands for input/output.

The master device then connects to the automation system, like a programmable logic controller (PLC), using fieldbus, Ethernet, or another communication protocol.

Benefits of Using IO-Link

IO-Link has become the standard communication protocol for smart factories. Here are some of the reasons:

  • Ease of use. IO-Link is easy to install and set up once correctly configured, even when devices are complex. (To ensure compatibility, all IO-Link products use an identical connection and a standardized communication protocol.) After set up, the system is simple to maintain.
  • Cost-effectiveness. Connections are inexpensive, using standard 3- or 4-conductor cables to transfer data between devices and the master. Expensive shielded cables are unnecessary because digital communication means no signal noise.
  • Versatility. Besides bidirectional data transfer (in IO-Link mode), the ports on the master can be set to DI mode (data going into the port), DQ mode (data going out of the port), or deactivated. IO-Link communicates measured values and other data from the sensor.
  • Speed and efficiency. Data exchanges are quick and error-free. And since IO-Link allows the master to write the parameters of an old sensor onto a new one, no reprogramming is necessary. The downtime for replacements is kept to a minimum.

IO-Link Pressure Sensors

Model A-1200

A-1200 pressure sensor with IO-Link

WIKA is a leader in intelligent sensing solutions. Our state-of-the-art A-1200 pressure sensor with IO-Linkis used in connected systems all over the world, seamlessly communicating with IO-Link masters for continuous pressure monitoring and automated NPN or PNP switch control. A favorite feature among users is the 3-color, 360° status display for easy diagnostics and troubleshooting. When operations are normal, the LED light ring is green. Yellow warns of an impending issue, while red indicates an error. By looking for the yellow or red light, users can easily find the problem sensor. And since every A-1200 has a unique IODD (IO device description), operators can turn on a specific sensor’s blinking feature for faster identification.

Other notable features that make the A-1200 a preferred OEM pressure sensor in automation, machine building, and Industry 4.0 applications:

  • Reliable performance in a wide media temperature range, from −40°F/°C to 257°F/125°C
  • Pressure ranges from 0 … 10 psi to 1 … 15,000 psi (0 … 0.4 bar to 0 … 1,000 bar)
  • The ability to withstand shock loads of up to 1,000 g using a welded M12 x 1 circular connector
  • Easy OEM integration with customer-specific parameters set at WIKA’s factory
  • ≤ 5 millisecond response time of switching output
  • Service life of at least 100 million switching cycles

PSD-4-ECO OEM pressure sensor

PSD-4 pressure sensor

The PSD-4 electronic pressure sensor is a flexible, highly customizable solution for almost any industry and environment, including hydraulic and pneumatic applications. A large rotatable display enables easy reading of pressure or switch values, while the buttons below it allow for fast parameterization and intuitive navigation. In addition to digital  switching and analog signal types, the PSD-4 is optionally available with IO-Link technology for advanced process control and automation.

The PSD-4-ECO is WIKA’s pressure sensor optimized for OEM integration. It is cost-effective, compact, and ready to install right out of the box, as customer-specific configurations are set at our facilities. The 3-button control and optional IO-Link communication technology enable easy onsite parameterization. Like the PSD-4, the PDS-4-ECO offers a 4-digit LED display and a 3-button navigation control. Similar to the A-1200, this slim OEM pressure sensor also comes with a visual alert. When operations are within the defined pressure range, the digits are green; if the pressure falls above or below the limits, the digits turn red.

Both PSD pressure sensors offer:

  • The ability to measure gauge pressure up to 7,500 psi, and vacuum pressure of −14.5 to 300 psi (−1 to 24 bar)
  • Accuracy of < ±0.5% and minimal long-term drift
  • Service life of at least 100 million switching cycles

IO-Link Temperature and Flow Sensors

FSD-4 flow sensor

TSD-30 temperature sensor

WIKA’s solution for IO-Link temperature sensing is the TSD-30, the ideal integrated instrument for machine building and automation, hydraulic power units, and cooling/lubrication systems. Like our PSD pressure switches, the TSD-30 has a large 4-digit display, three control keys for intuitive menu navigation, and almost unlimited rotation for ease of reading. This electronic temperature sensor comes with digital switching and analog output signals, and the option for IO-Link. The standard measuring range is −4°F to 176°F (−20°C to 80°C), and can reach as high as 302°F (150°C) with special fittings. The probe and case are made of stainless steel for extra durability and corrosion resistance.

For more functionality in one instrument, the FSD-4 electronic flow sensor has analog output signals and two digital switches, one of which can be programmed for temperature switching. Because every system’s setup is slightly different, we created the FSD-4 with a teach function that adjusts the instrument to the application’s specific medium, pipe diameter, and other measuring conditions. The option for IO-Link enables the storage of collected data, such as operating hours and maximum values, for condition monitoring.

WIKA, Smart in Sensing

One of the reasons WIKA is a leading manufacturer of measuring instruments is that we pay attention to both the market and our customers. That is why we are adding more and more high-quality instruments for intelligent machines and automation to our portfolio. With decades of industry experience, the product specialists at WIKA USA are well-equipped to answer your questions and offer advice. Simplify and optimize your IO-Link network with our family of IO-Link sensors and switches.

Products mentioned in this article:
A-1200 pressure sensor with IO-Link
PSD-4 electronic pressure sensor with IO-Link option
PSD-4-ECO OEM electronic pressure sensor with IO-Link option
TSD-30 electronic temperature sensor with IO-Link option
FSD-4 electronic flow sensor with IO-Link option and temperature switching capability


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