WIKA USA’s relationship with one of the largest energy providers in the country has grown in recent years, starting from gas analyzers to a future calibration lab for SF6 testing equipment. This successful partnership stems from our ability to provide unparalleled products, services, and customer support.

A major utility company in the South was seeking a reliable vendor for gas analyzers. Its parent company already had an excellent relationship with WEgrid Solutions, a wholly owned WIKA subsidiary, and uses our full-trailer solution: GPU-S-3000 gas cart, adapters, gas analyzers, hoses, and leak detectors. Their executives recommended that the utility reach out to us, and we listened to their issues.

What Electric Utilities Seek in a SF6 Equipment Manufacturer

When purchasing new equipment, the power and distribution (T&D) industry likes to know how long a manufacturer will keep supporting a particular technology. This information is important for planning and budgeting.

And even when a T&D company upgrades to new SF6 testing equipment, it would like to continue using the older model, which needs occasional servicing and spare parts. WEgrid understands this industry’s requirements and proposed the following if the utility company switched to WIKA’s GA11 gas analyzers for determining the quality of SFgas:

  • We will stock spare parts for this gas analyzer for as long as the utility uses this model.
  • We will give them plenty of advance notice before upgrading the technology.
  • When we introduce a new model, existing customers will receive preferential pricing.

The electric utility company was thrilled with this proposal and switched to WEgrid in November 2019.

The Relationship Deepens

The GA11 and GIR-10 leak detector satisfied all of this customer’s requirements for performance, and WEgrid Services provided maintenance, repairs, and spare parts as necessary. Pleased with the results, the company extended its interest to a full fleet of analyzers based on our offer of a calibration lab for SF6 equipment. Currently, the parent company has to send its SF6 testing equipment to Europe for calibration, which takes four to six weeks. Having a lab nearby would greatly reduce downtime.

WEgrid was up to the challenge. Our team worked with several departments at WIKA USA’s Lawrenceville (Georgia) headquarters to rearrange the production floor in order to accommodate a large space for calibrating and repairing SF6 testing equipment. This state-of-the-art facility is expected to be operational in the near future.

A Winning Partnership

WEgrid’s partnership with this major utility holding company is based on not only high-quality SF6 gas equipment, but also superior after-sale support. We work closely with customers to come up with solutions that work.

Some of the country’s largest electric utilities rely on WEgrid Solutions for quality SF6 equipment and trusted service. And soon they will be able to have their gas analyzers and leak detectors calibrated in the US, cutting the turnaround time in half. Contact WIKA USA to see how we can help your T&D plant operate more safely, sustainably, and profitably.

Products mentioned in this blog:
GPU-S-3000 SF6 service equipment
GA11 SF6 gas analyzer
GIR-10 gas detector


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