Temperature is the most measured and monitored parameter in residential, commercial, and industrial HVAC applications. As such, dependable instrumentation is a must. WIKA manufactures a comprehensive portfolio of high-quality dial thermometers for industrial HVAC temperature measurement.

Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems make sure that people are comfortable indoors and computers operate in optimum conditions. HVAC systems also keep materials and products – in environments ranging from supermarkets and silos to museum and greenhouses – within their recommended ambient temperature ranges to prevent degradation.

Temperature sensors are key in HVAC units such as:
     •  Ambient heaters
     •  Water heaters
     •  Solar thermal systems
     •  Combined heat and power plants
     •  Chillers
     •  Boilers

Industrial HVAC temperature sensors must operate under challenging conditions, including moisture, high humidity, and extreme temperatures. At the same time, environmental concerns call for energy efficiency in air handling units.

WIKA is a one-stop shop for complete temperature-measurement instruments, including custom solutions. With years of experience in the HVAC industry, our specialists also offer expert advice on best practices, regulatory compliance, and choosing the optimal analog or digital dial thermometers for your application, industry, and budget.

Glass, Solar, Bimetal: Options for Industrial HVAC Thermometers

WIKA has been innovating and manufacturing industrial temperature sensors technologies for more than 70 years. Rugged, dependable, and affordable, our instruments are ideal for industrial HVAC applications. Here is a highlight of some of our most popular dial thermometers:

Model 32

Liquid-filled Glass Thermometers

Liquid-filled glass thermometers, also called expansion thermometers, are by far the most commonly used temperature sensors in industrial HVAC because they are weatherproof, easy to read, and economical. WIKA’s thermometers based on the liquid expansion measuring principle are mercury-free and have a molded casing that make them resistant to impact, shock, and vibration. And because glass thermometers are not subject to mechanical wear, they enjoy a long service life.

Model 32 is one of several examples of a glass thermometer with a non-toxic thermometric liquid. With measuring ranges from −22 to 392°F (−30 to 200°C) and three mounting versions (straight, 90°, 135°), this dual-scale thermometer is an excellent solution for temperature measurements in central and large heating systems.

Solar-Powered Thermometers

informative image

Model TI.D01

Temperature changes in most heating and cooling units are gradual, which are ideal for glass thermometers. However, when an application calls for a fast response time without the hassles of batteries, use a solar thermometer. Solar-powered LED thermometers have a thermistor for fast, accurate digital readings, and feature a wide temperature range: from −50 to 300°F (−45 to 150°C).

WIKA offers several solar-powered industrial thermometers specifically for HVAC, plumbing, and refrigeration applications. Two examples:

•  Model TI.D01 has a glass-passivated thermistor for excellent moisture resistance and an accuracy of 1% of reading or 1°. This model serves as an excellent alternative to standard glass thermometers, and operates with light levels as low as 10 lux (1 foot-candle).

informative image

Model TF-LCD

•  Model TF-LCD is a long-lasting digital thermometer that comes in two versions: solar power or battery power (7-year lifetime). This instrument has an optional capillary (up to 33 ft/3m) with a jack plug for easy temperature readings in hard-to-reach spaces.

Bimetal Thermometers

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Model TI.33

Bimetal thermometers are small, an advantage when space is a limiting factor. These affordable instruments are not as robust as glass thermometers, but have a much larger temperature measuring range: from −100 to 1,000°F (−73 to 538°C).

Model TI33 is a good example of a weather-resistant industrial-grade bimetal thermometer. This hermetically sealed 3-inch dial thermometer with variable stem length (2.5″ to 24″) has all stainless steel construction and a continuous upper temperature range of 800°F (425°C), making it an excellent option for monitoring temperature in boilers.

HVAC Temperature Expertise by WIKA

Customers must consider many variables – accuracy, measuring range, size, mounting, materials, ingress protection, etc. – when choosing an industrial HVAC temperature sensor. And in addition to the variety of dial thermometers available, there’s the option of using averaging RTDs in HVAC applications to measure temperature along an expanse of duct or across a section.

To make sure you get the right temperature sensor for your specific application and conditions, contact WIKA USA. Our trained sales staff can help you save time and money now, and headaches down the line.


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