Core Value Winner

Each month, WIKA USA recognizes employees who exemplify one of the company’s seven core values. The peer-nominated award is presented to employees who go above and beyond in their roles, all while upholding WIKA’s commitment to integrity, customer satisfaction, partnership, safety, continuous improvement, social responsibility, and excellence.

Established when WIKA was founded in 1946, core values are the standards by which WIKA measures itself and its employees. Thanks to employees’ commitment to these corporate values, WIKA has become a worldwide leader in industrial measurement technology. The company would not be where it is today without this dedication from within.

Employees who do more than expected are vital to WIKA’s overall mission of helping customers succeed through superior instrumentation solutions. This is why WIKA USA began the monthly Core Value Award program almost 20 years ago – to acknowledge employees for their hard work and dedication.

Corporate Values are Key to Success

A peer-nominated program, Core Value Awards give employees a special way to thank their colleagues for doing extraordinary work. Recipients are recognized for making a positive impact on WIKA USA’s continued success. Each nominee is chosen for exemplifying one of seven core values:

  • Integrity: Promoting ethical business practices
  • Customer Satisfaction: Creating positive customer experiences
  • Partnership: Encouraging collaboration in the workplace
  • Safety: Maintaining a safe work environment
  • Continuous Improvement: Improving WIKA policies and processes
  • Social Responsibility: Improving the community and the world at large
  • Excellence: Exceeding expectations in work that directly impacts company success

Each month a committee composed of senior managers chooses the winners, who receive a plaque, monetary award, and a designated parking spot at the main WIKA USA campus in Lawrenceville, Georgia.

November 2018 Core Value Award Winners

The following employees were chosen for exemplifying one or more of WIKA USA’s corporate values.

Photo above: Terry Roberts (center) and coworkers

Terry Roberts | Recognized for Partnership

A member of the Diaphragm Seal Division (DSD), Terry is honored in November for his characteristic thoughtfulness and initiative. His nominator writes, “Terry went out of his way to respond personally to a departmental complaint regarding dirty windows that had not been cleaned in several years. Rather than hiring someone to assist, Terry personally used scaffolding to hand-clean the windows by himself. We were thoroughly delighted with and surprised by his commitment to excellence and partnership, and very impressed by how he handled the issue in such a personal way.”

Core Value Winner

Joseph Braswell and coworkers

Joseph (Joey) Braswell | Recognized for Partnership

Joey, another DSD member, actually exemplified several core values when he went above and beyond to “make the impossible possible,” according to his nominator. “We all know that diaphragm seal assemblies are a time-consuming process. I had a customer that had a ‘line down’ situation, and Joey jumped at the chance to help get the customer out of the bind. From mid-process all the way to shipping out the unit, he did not fail to make the impossible happen in such a timely manner. Joey also communicated effectively to notify all parties that progress was made and that the issues were resolved. Everyone should follow such a profound example.”

Core Value Winner

Felix Brockmeyer and Karen Moscrip (winner)

Karen Moscrip | Customer Satisfaction

Karen helped WIKA USA pass the first test! Scott Bruce spoke with a potential new customer, a manufacturer and rehabber of compressed gas cylinders, about the pain points they were experiencing with their current gauge and cryo-gauge supplier. “This led them to call into WIKA to test our customer service department and compare their experience with their current supplier. The caller said Karen was very helpful, and he was impressed with our level of customer service. Nice work, Karen!” The next steps are to provide pricing for the manufacturer’s industrial and beverage gauge usage, Scott adds.

Congratulations to the winners of the November 2018 Core Value Awards, and thank you for your shining examples.

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