Industrial Gauge Readability

Pressure and temperature instrument dials with big, bright numbers increase instrument visibility and readability. WIKA USA’s retro-reflective dial background makes it even easier to locate a critical installation among the sea of industrial gauges, adding to the speed of taking a correct reading. Two retro-reflective dial options make pressure and temperature instruments stand out in poor light conditions and help with critical readings during emergency situations, thus contributing to a safer plant and processes.

Pressure and temperature are the two most commonly measured parameters in industrial processes. Industrial gauges come in a large variety of configuration with many features, but they all share one common requirement: readability.

No matter how reliable and accurate your pressure and temperature gauges are, that won’t matter if the instrument dial is misidentified, easy to overlook, or difficult to read. Consequences of an incorrect reading can be costly, jeopardizing the process and posing serious operational and safety hazards.

It is already very difficult to take measurements from an instrument if the dial face and/or the scale is crowded and the numbers are small. Furthermore, readability sharply decreases if the instrument is located in a low-light environment. Many processing and industrial plants have areas where the light is blocked by equipment, vessels, piping, etc., or the instruments are installed in elevated areas, making them difficult to read from a distance.

In addition, certain situations can also result in reduced or loss of visibility. These include outdoors at night, power blackouts and brownouts, and smoky conditions caused by fires.

WIKA’s Solutions for Enhanced Readability in Industrial Gauges

For the above reasons, WIKA has created the In-Sight™ dial option, available for most standard pressure and temperature gauges.

During the day, the retro-reflective material of the InSight™ dial option absorbs and reflects UV light, similar to the large overhead signs along streets and highways. In low light conditions, the retro-reflective material brightens the industrial gauge and makes it more visible. The InSight™ dial package also features oversized numbers to make the instrument easier to read from a distance. The reflective dial backgrounds come in the following colors:

  • Fluorescent yellow
  • Fluorescent orange
  • Reflective white
  • Reflective glow

WIKA InSight™ = Increased Safety

Both the WIKA XSEL® Process Gauge and bimetal industrial thermometer are equipped with an InSight™ dial, making it easier for operators to locate, identify, and read gauges – thus reducing the likelihood of human errors.

Besides being retro-reflective, the InSight Glow™ dial option features photoluminescent properties as well. This material brightens the entire instrument dial when it is exposed to a light source. The dial becomes bright white and is easy to see in the dark, once your eyesight adjusts to the dark condition. The dial face remains illuminated for an extended period of time, even after receiving light for as little as 10 seconds.

WIKA Expertise in Industrial Gauges

Small changes, such as bold numbers and retro-reflective materials, make a big difference in the visibility and readability of industrial gauges. To learn more about how WIKA USA’s InSight™ and InSight Glow™ options can improve safety and accuracy, contact our experts.

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