Natural gas vehicle

An increasing number of heavy-duty trucks and buses use liquified or compressed natural gas as a fuel source. WIKA offers high-quality LNG and CNG pressure gauges for these vehicles’ fuel tanks.

Natural gas is less expensive than diesel or gasoline. What’s more, it burns much cleaner than conventional transportation fuels. The carbon footprint drops even more when the natural gas comes from a renewable source (biomethane or biogas) rather than by drilling or hydraulic fracturing.

CNG and LNG as Transportation Fuels

As the global transportation industry seeks to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions, they’re turning to alternative fuels. Hydrogen fuel cells is one option. Another is compressed natural gas (CNG) or liquified natural gas (LNG) for powering the engines of heavy-duty vehicles. Some trucks and buses run completely on natural gas. Others are hybrid – using both CNG/LNG and diesel as transportation fuels.

To date, countries that have their own sources of underground natural gas – the US, Canada, Russia, etc. – prefer CNG. Other economies must buy natural gas from foreign markets. This makes transportation costs a major factor, as ships can carry 70 times more LNG than CNG in the same volume. Thus, Europe and Asia prefer LNG.

Industrial Pressure Gauges for CNG/LNG Tanks

WIKA is a trusted partner for companies that manufacture tanks for CNG and LNG vehicles. Some of the world’s largest fuel tank manufacturers incorporate our mechanical pressure gauges, like the 232.50, in their products.

CNG fuel system components, intended for use on NG-powered vehicles such as road vehicles (e.g., long-haul trucks and city buses) and – in some cases – industrial vehicles (e.g., mining trucks and agriculture tractors) need to comply with specific global standards:  

  • ECE R110
  • ISO 11439
  • ANSI NGV 3.1 – CSA 12.3

WIKA has years of experience working with tank manufacturers to obtain the necessary approvals for pressure gauges and pressure transducers used in CNG/LNG applications. We also offer a cryogenic gauge, pressure sensors approved for hydrogen vehicles, and a complete range of liquid-filled gauges for fuel tanks. Discover our measurement technology for industrial gases, and contact us for more information.

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