Phase IV Engineering launches its next-generation Leap Sensors®, a powerful yet easy-to-install modular wireless system that allows users to incorporate industrial IoT and predictive maintenance throughout their facility.

Ever since the Industrial Revolution, manufacturers would schedule maintenance for their machinery or simply replace a part when it fails. This approach works, for the most part, but it can also be inefficient, time-consuming, and ­– in the worst-case scenario – dangerous. Take a plant air compressor, for example: If a bearing fails, the entire plant can go down unexpectedly for hours.

Now, imagine a set of sensors that allows operators to “see” into a process’s conditions in real-time and gives ample warnings before a problem occurs. The entire system is wireless, compact, reliable, and can be fully configured and integrated into existing processes in about five minutes.

Leap Sensors® System: Modular, Rugged, Future-Proof

The mission of Phase IV Engineering, a WIKA USA partner, is to take companies to the next level of manufacturing: Industry 4.0. After 25 years of custom sensor design work, Phase IV has created the next generation of its Leap Sensors® wireless system for predictive maintenance and the industrial Internet of Things (IIoT).

Leap Sensors system

Leap Sensors wireless motor monitoring system with amp clamp, thermocouple, and optional magnet mount

The transceiver nodes enclose sensors that monitor various conditions: vibration, temperature, pressure, humidity, strain, load, electrical current, and more. Multiple sensors of different types can be combined on one transceiver node, making for a cost-effective, easily adaptable system. A powerful microprocessor uses edge computing to convert high-volume readings (such as vibration) into a few actionable indicators – all without burdening software or data repositories. Its long-range antenna resides entirely inside the enclosure for a streamlined profile, and the onboard, easily replaceable battery typically lasts five to 10 years.

The entire transceiver node is encased in a polycarbonate IP68 enclosure with a UL 94 V-0 flammability rating (non Ex-rated) and can withstand harsh conditions, including wash-downs. Customization options include attaching thermocouples to the enclosure to monitor temperatures up to 1,200°C (2,192°F), or RTD sensors for monitoring temperatures down to −80°C (−112°F). The entire device comes standard with screw-mount flanges; for even easier mounting, a magnet option is available.

A gateway receives sensor data over the air from up to 250 transceiver nodes, and easily interfaces with the Leap software or existing software (such as SCADA) leveraging standard Modbus or the Leap internet protocol (IP) API. A cellular gateway option is available for remote locations. For extra security and peace of mind, data transmissions use advanced encryption (AES-128) from end to end.

Because the system is entirely IP-based, any computer, tablet, or smartphone can connect to the software using a web browser to set email and SMS alert thresholds, check graphs for trends, download date, or configure sensor transmit intervals.

What’s more, the Leap Sensors system is future-proof. As their monitoring needs change, customers can easily modify monitoring parameters and alerts, or add sensors to the system. Since transceiver nodes automatically connect and auto-configure the software, expanding the system and implementing updates is hassle-free.

X-Ray Vision and Crystal Ball in One Device™

The Leap Sensors wireless sensor system saves users money and headaches. A Phase IV client recently installed a motor sensor system. Within the first two weeks of use, the system detected a motor that was about to fail. So, what could have been a $200,000 loss in terms of downtime, lost product, and replacement expenses was instead a scheduled repair that cost only $3,500 and two hours of labor during planned maintenance.

The owner of a Pennsylvania-based system integration company also attests to the Leap Sensors’ effectiveness. “We received an alert when a freezer wasn’t functioning properly. We were able to quickly fix the problem and save our products. That more than paid for the cost of the system right there.”

Satisfied customers rave about the actionable data from their Leaps Sensors system. Another client said, “It’s like X-ray vision and a crystal ball combined. Now we can see exactly what’s happening in our key manufacturing processes – and know ahead of time when a problem might occur.”

Wireless Monitoring System with Built-in Flexibility

For a wide range of industrial and commercial applications, Phase IV offers a choice of monitoring systems:

Wireless monitoring and predictive maintenance just got a whole lot easier and more cost-effective. Read more about Leap Sensors for the IIoT, and contact Phase IV at (800) 608-6168 or to make the leap to Industry 4.0.

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