Plastic injection molding machines (PIMMs) require a variety of sensors to transform granulates into high-quality end products. Our interactive graphic helps customers find just the right measuring instrumentation for these precision machines.

Plastic molding is used for making so much more than just toys. Plastic-molded parts are found in countless sectors, from packaging in food & beverage and pharmaceutical industries to intricate components in mobile machines and HVAC. By incorporating innovative yet cost-effective designs in pumps, compressors, filters, and lubrication systems, plastic injection molding machines have transformed the machine building industry.

Regardless of the product or industry, the principle is the same: an extruder pushes molten plastic into a mold, a temperature control unit cools the product, and the finished part is ejected. On the upstream side are various processes for granulate preparation, while hydraulic power units and linear drives provide the necessary force to move machine components.

A variety of measuring instrumentation helps ensure quality, consistency, and safety in a plastic injection molding machine. For example, temperature sensors make sure that the plastic is hot enough to flow freely but not so hot that the plastic is damaged. Pressure and force sensors regulate the amount of melted plastic injected into the mold and provide the correct clamping force. In the hydraulic system, accurate measurements for pressure, temperature, and level are key factors in safe and efficient machine operations.  

Selecting Measurement Instrumentation for Plastic Injection Molding Machines

WIKA USA’s broad portfolio includes pressure, temperature, level, and force measurement solutions for every stage of plastic injection molding. To help customers find the specific measurement solutions they need, we have created an interactive graphic for the various control points in plastics machinery. Simply click on the numbered systems to see what sensors, transmitter, switches, and other instruments are needed. For personalized recommendations and assistance, contact WIKA USA.

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