With more than seven decades of experience, WIKA has the know-how to design and manufacture high-quality measurement solutions specifically for makers of mobile working machines.

Industrial vehicles and machines operate in extreme environments, and their sensors experience long-term shock, vibration, dust, system pulsation, and very high or low temperatures. It isn’t easy to design measuring instrumentation that can withstand these difficult working conditions.

Heavy-Duty Sensors for Off-Road Machinery

WIKA has a track record of supplying innovative and reliable instruments for the mobile working machines used in construction, mining, agriculture, and material handling. First, our experienced teams listen to customer feedback, discovering what manufacturers of off-road vehicles would like to see in a future measuring instrument. Then, using high-quality materials and cutting-edge equipment, WIKA engineers head to our in-house research and testing centers to develop the next generation of sensors. Our commitment to quality assurance continues through the production and release stages.

This level of dedication does not end when the products leave our facilities. We regularly audit our instruments to ensure that they live up to their claims. And for maintenance and repairs, our customer service is second to none.

Comprehensive Measurement Solutions for Industrial Vehicles

Our customers appreciate that WIKA is a one-stop shop. We offer an extensive portfolio of instruments and accessories for measuring pressure, temperature, level, force, torque, and inclination in mobile machine applications, including for:

WIKA’s Commitment to Safety and Performance in Mobile Machinery

We work continuously to expand our offering, working closely with OEMs to develop new products as the needs of the industrial vehicles sector evolve. To that end, we have introduced products with features such as on-board diagnostics, signal clamping, redundant safety, and embedded sensor technology. These and other advancements offer reliable, long-lasting performance in an instrument that is easy to integrate into your applications.

Partnering with WIKA ensures that you receive consistent, quality products that are tailor-made to meet the specific needs of each application. For example:

  • Customized welded-on, thin-film force sensors with high-strength steel load pins for measuring static and dynamic bearing forces in load weighting systems
  • Wear-free, contact-free magnetic float switches for measuring level in fluid reservoirs
  • Resistance thermometers and bimetal switches for monitoring temperature in cooling systems
  • Thin-film pressure sensors with compact design and outstanding reliability for working hydraulic, steering, and brake systems

When you need a sensor, gauge, transducer, switch, or transmitter, you can count on WIKA USA for reliable products and exceptional customer service. We understand the challenges that industrial vehicles face. Contact our experts for personalized advice on the best measuring solution for your mobile machine applications.


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