WIKA USA manufactures a high-quality compact pressure switch that is ideal for hydraulic mobile working machine applications such as brake systems. It is the perfect device for activating a warning signal when the emergency brake is engaged, which alerts the operator and prevents damage to the brake system and to the machine.

Hydraulic and mobile hydraulic applications, such as brake systems, need a reliable pressure switch to ensure proper operations. Some of these systems run 24/7 in harsh environments with high and/or low temperatures, dust, shock, and vibration. In the case of emergency brake systems, a pressure switch such as WIKA’s PSM01 measures the pressure at the brake manifold. When the operator engages the emergency brake, the pressure reaches a certain predetermined level. The switch then closes a circuit and turns on a light. The operator then knows to disengage the emergency brake before putting the machine back in motion.

The PSM01 Pressure Switch in Mobile Machine Applications

Pressure switch by WIKA

Model PSM01 compact pressure switch

WIKA USA’s PSM01 is a screw-in pressure switch developed with hydraulics, mobile hydraulics, and pneumatics applications in mind. Its compact design provides an optimum solution for a variety of mobile working machines, including agricultural tractors, mining trucks, and excavators. The emergency brake application in these machines is critical because when not used correctly, it causes premature brake wear – an expensive and time-consuming problem.

The PSM01 is ideal also for monitoring lift cylinder pressure in excavators. In this application, the switch is set to close at a predetermine pressure to stop the excavator from lifting more weight, thus protecting the machine from damage caused by loads beyond safety and operational limits.

Why Choose WIKA’s PSM01

The PSM01 is a snap-action pressure switch with self-cleaning switching contacts and a long service life. It can withstand more than 1 million switching cycles and has a reproducibility of ±2% of the full-scale value. Highly customizable, you can choose:

  • Measuring element: diaphragm or piston with compression spring
  • Switching function: normally open, normally closed, or change-over contact
  • Switch point setting up: on site or at the factory
  • Setting range: from 0.2 … 2 bar to 40 … 400 bar

The standard PSM01 is made of galvanized steel and works well in ambient and medium temperatures between −20°C (−4°F) and 80°C (176°F). The case and process connections can also be made of stainless steel, which is more resistant to corrosion and is recommended for emergency brake applications in some mobile working machines. Customized PMS-01 versions work well in temperatures from −30°C (−22°F) to 100°C (212°F). A socket wrench mounting version is also available.

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