Manufacturers of off-road vehicles had a wish list of features they would like to see in a future pressure sensor. WIKA listened to them when creating the latest iteration of our OEM pressure sensor for mobile working machines: the MH-4.

Over two decades ago, WIKA introduced the MH-1 pressure sensor for industrial vehicles and machines. OEMs loved this robust pressure sensor for its precision engineering and durability under harsh conditions. Since that time, the industrial instrumentation experts at WIKA have developed future generations of this sensor in close cooperation with those who rely on its reliable performance the most: our customers.

Evolution of a Mobile Machines Pressure Sensor: From MH-2 to MH-3

About seven years ago, a major US manufacturer of agricultural machinery updated its hydraulic pumps to increase the vehicles’ efficiency. However, this upgrade caused the pressure sensors to fail so regularly that field technicians, whenever they repaired the machinery, made it a common practice to replace all the sensors in order to minimize customer downtime.

When the supplier checked the returned sensors, half were still fully functional; these No Fault Found (NFF) events were costing the OEM millions of dollars. As for the sensors that were damaged, the supplier found that extreme pressure spikes were the culprit. The OEM conducted a series of tests, couldn’t see any pressure spikes in their hydraulic system, and asked the parts supplier for help. The supplier basically said no, as they felt their sensor was not the cause of the problem.

Frustrated with their supplier’s unwillingness to collaborate on a solution, the manufacturer reached out to WIKA USA. Our experts found two issues after extensive testing:

  • The new hydraulic pumps generated high pressure ripples in the hydraulic system.
  • Certain sensing elements were more susceptible to failure from fast-moving pressure ripples than other types.

Additional lab and field tests showed that WIKA’s MH-2, a pressure sensor with a Cavitation Dampening System (CDS) and welded thin-film sensing technology, was able to perfectly withstand high-amplitude, short-duration pressure ripples. The manufacturer was delighted with the MH-2 and installed them in their agricultural machinery as OEM replacement sensors.

They had another request: Could we help eliminate the possibility of NFF claims in the future? WIKA rose to the challenge. A team of experts worked diligently to develop a prototype with built-in diagnostic capabilities for easy onsite troubleshooting, and thus the MH-3 pressure sensor was born.

MH-4, an Even More Robust and Easily Integrated Pressure Sensor

MH-4 OEM pressure sensor

This machinery manufacturer loved the MH-3’s performance, durability, and onboard diagnostics, as did other large OEMs. Because WIKA USA values user feedback, we paid attention when our customers gave us a wish list of additional features that would make this mobile machine pressure sensor even more suitable for their needs:

  • Compact design to better fit in today’s modern machinery.
  • An all-welded stainless steel body to better withstand mobile machines’ demanding working environments.
  • Unique two-wrench system to allow for integration into high-speed manufacturing environments.
  • A large selection of configurations for easy integration into any machine platform and manufacturing process.
  • Low signal noise for improved output signal quality and stability.
  • A total error band (TEB) of ±1% full scale that takes into account the thermal effects of mobile machinery.

Our next-generation MH-4 is a powerful, ultra-rugged pressure sensor with excellent long-term stability, making it ideal for use in extreme environments. With a variety of process- and electrical-connection types, the MH-4 is easily integrated into almost any machine platform and manufacturing process. The sensors are made on a fully automated line, which means we can fulfill very large orders with short turnaround and delivery times.

Make WIKA USA a Part of Your Business

WIKA USA regularly collaborates with market leaders when designing future iterations of our products or when innovating new measuring instruments. And since our comprehensive portfolio includes not only pressure products but also solutions for temperature, level, force, flow, calibration, and SF6 gas, WIKA is a one-stop shop for countless customers in the US and around the world.

Customer satisfaction and support is one of our overarching corporate values, and we are known for our timely and reliable service. Contact us to make WIKA USA part of your business.

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