Size really does matter when it comes to instrument companies. A company with a global network has the expertise to make sure you have the right instrument in the right place and to ensure you have the products you need in inventory.

How Does a Supplier with a Global Network Help You?

With WIKA Instruments, you are working with one of the largest pressure- and temperature-measurement instrument companies in the world with more than 40 offices worldwide, meaning you can have stock and custom instrumentation solutions distributed to your plant within days. Perhaps more importantly, when you work with WIKA, every instrument comes with nearly 70 years of experience.

The Right Instruments and Efficient Inventory Control

A large majority of processing plants, including refineries, have misapplied instrumentation—that is, they are not using the right gauge for the job. Pressure gauges are designed for use in specific applications. Knowing which one to use requires technical knowledge and experience with the process, qualities that are becoming increasingly difficult to find thanks to the engineering brain drain. Creating an efficient warehouse and inventory-control process can improve safety and generate long-term savings. Your best bet is to undertake a complete Instrument Audit with the assistance of an industry leader with a global network. A thorough Instrument Audit will ensure that you have the right instrumentation for the job on the line and in the warehouse, and that you’re not wasting money on gauges that can fail because they are not designed for the application. Failure can cost more than replacing a gauge—it can cause safety incidents that lead to fines, downtime, injuries, or fatalities.

Enterprise Resource Planning

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) means developing a standardized purchasing and inventory control system for all departments of a company. Improving inventory management allows you to reduce your total cost of ownership and strengthen your brand focus throughout the enterprise. Working with a supplier with a global network will significantly ease your ERP planning and improve your bottom line.

Peace of Mind

Last but not least, working with an industry leader gives you peace of mind. Nobody knows instrumentation better than WIKA, and equipping your plant with tough, reliable WIKA pressure gauges can mean fewer accidents, less downtime, and more profits.

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