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WIKA has long been a top manufacturer of temperature sensors and temperature measurement solutions. After the company acquired Gayesco International, WIKA USA greatly increased its capabilities and expertise in temperature measurement for the petrochemical and refining industries. A new video highlights the reasons WIKA USA is a leading temperature specialist and trusted instrumentation supplier.

Numerous applications in the petrochemical, refining, and process industries require accurate and reliable temperature monitoring systems not only for safety, but also to minimize downtime and increase the bottom line. That’s why WIKA USA’s temperature operations is committed to designing, manufacturing, and installing the best temperature sensors on the market.

If you’re not familiar with WIKA’s capabilities and expertise when it comes to temperature measurement, here’s a quick overview:

Innovation in Temperature Sensors

WIKA designs products and installation procedures that ensure repeatability, durability, and accuracy. Our specialists continuously create custom solutions to meet customers’ unique temperature needs. With the acquisition of Gayesco International in 2012, WIKA USA added the expertise of engineered temperature sensor profiling solutions to its already extensive portfolio of temperature products and services.

Gayesco broke ground with the Flex-R® (Model TC96-R)more than a decade before the competition came up with a comparable multipoint thermocouple. The company later developed a tubeskin thermocouple assembly, the Gayesco Refracto-Pad® (Model TC59-R), with a molded protective shield that improves accuracy for high flame impingement applications. The Gayesco Xtracto-Pad® (Model TC59-X) is an innovative tubeskin assembly with removable thermocouples that is easy to install and maintain.

Since its founding in 1958, Gayesco has developed 13 product patents. WIKA USA’s Temperature division continues to develop new products that meet customer demands and ever-evolving regulatory requirements. 

State-of-the-Art Manufacturing

In 2014, WIKA built a 90,000 sq. ft. production plant near the Houston Ship Channel to manufacture its complete line of temperature products, including 3- and 4-wire RTDs, flame rods, standard temperature assemblies, and full radial profiling solutions. This cutting-edge facility is versatile, producing components from temperature sensors as small as 0.02 inches to industrial assemblies as long as 300 feet.

To ensure product quality and quick delivery, WIKA USA:

  • Maintains 100% traceability of all materials.
  • Stocks MI (mineral insulated) cables and thermowell components.
  • Follows lean manufacturing principles.
  • Complies with ASME welding specification requirements.
  • Features extensive in-house machining.

Testing Expertise

WIKA uses manufacturing best practices and thorough testing to make sure every product is of the highest quality, meets customer requirements, and complies with regulations and standards. Extensive testing capabilities at its facility include:

  • In-house external hydro testing to simulate real process conditions.
  • In-house digital radiography to verify compliance with ASME codes.
  • Testing and recording of calibration data for every single point of all flexible multipoint assemblies.
  • X-raying of thermocouple junctions.

Superior Customer Service

WIKA understands the high costs of downtime, especially when customers’ operations depend on our products. WIKA’s production cells, inventory management, and stocking and lean manufacturing practices enable quick turnarounds, including same-day rush deliveries. We provide custom packing and ship via air or ground freight.

WIKA USA doesn’t just manufacture and sell temperature measurement solutions. Our technicians also offer expert installation to improve accuracy and prevent temperature sensors from premature aging. To address costumer concerns and demands, we have qualified staff on-call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Why is WIKA a trusted leader in temperature measurement and a strategic partner of choice for customers around the world? Because at the heart of our company are innovation, manufacturing, testing, and customer service. Decades of laboratory and field experience guarantee the quality of our products for not only temperature, but also pressure, level, force, flow, and calibration. Contact WIKA USAto learn more about our pioneering solutions for your applications.

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