Temperature measurement in syngas plants

Having accurate, reliable temperature information is critical for all processes in applications that involve hydrogen. WIKA USA offers a range of high-quality temperature measurement solutions that meet the latest performance and safety demands posed by syngas plants.

The continuing demand for hydrogen comes with the need to improve performance. Push capacity, extended catalyst runs, and the use of alternative feedstocks have become the norm for today’s syngas (synthesis gas) plants. Environmental and safety requirements put even more pressure on plant operators. Temperature information is vital in syngas processes in order to approach equilibrium, stay within tube wall temperatures, and draw catalyst bed exotherm curves – to name just a few situations. That is why engineers continually look for temperature measurement instruments they can rely on.

WIKA Temperature Measurement Products

Since 1958, Gayesco International – now a part of the WIKA Group – has been designing innovative solutions for measuring temperature in syngas plants’ furnaces and catalyst beds all over the world. Our products provide accurate, reliable temperature measurements to ensure safe and dependable performance, especially in the following four areas:   

1. Catalyst Beds

Even small deviations in the temperature of a catalyst bed can negatively affect process reactions and prematurely spend the catalyst. To create a full profile of the exotherm, a temperature measurement system collects and compiles data from multiple points throughout the catalyst in fixed-bed shift reactors. In these exotherm curves, operators can see important information about the catalyst, such as:

  • Events, such as poisoning, that affect catalyst performance
  • Catalyst die-off rates and bed life

WIKA not only designs, manufactures, and installs new systems, but also retrofits systems to increase the number of measurement points in existing pipewell units. These multipoint assemblies provide the necessary data to optimize catalyst performance and plan efficient turnarounds. The innovative Gayesco Flex-R® multipoint thermocouple accurately and reliably collects radial temperature data in challenging environments. The Gayesco Flex-O™ pipewell multipoint system is ideal for gathering gradient temperature information.

2. Steam Methane Reformer Furnaces

The demanding conditions of steam methane reformer furnaces push metallurgy to its limits. Creep failure is a real threat, and accurate tubeskin temperature measurements are critical.

WIKA has developed the Gayesco Refracto-Pad®, a shielded tubeskin thermocouple assembly designed with high-tech opaque insulation that better represents the true tubeskin temperature in furnaces and boilers. In its latest version, the Gayesco Xtracto-Pad®, the thermocouple is removable and eliminates the need for additional welding when replaced. For new applications, clips and pads for these systems can be installed at the tubes’ manufacturer to minimize issues related to heat treating.

3. Refractory Lined Transfer Piping and Vessels

Hot spots are critical safety concerns in refractory lined transfer pipes and vessels. If hot gas gets behind the refractory, the temperature of the skin increases and can surpass the metallurgical limit of the material. To prevent system failures, it is vital to identify and manage hot spots.

WIKA USA’s robust, dependable skin temperature measurement systems are routinely used in refractory lined transfer pipping and vessels. We have partnered with other technology providers to offer a fiber optic cable that can be attached to the line or vessel. Fiber optic technology helps measurement instruments draw a complete temperature profile in order to pinpoint hot spots.

4. Pilot Light Detectors

Robust, reliable flame rods are a must for detecting pilot lights in furnaces and to ensure safe operations. WIKA offers a variety of options, including the next-generation GFR-3 with improved tip design, to suit the needs of syngas plants.

WIKA’s experts have decades of expertise not only in temperature measurement solutions for syngas units, but also in installing, calibrating, and maintaining them for years of worry-free operation. Contact us for more information about temperature solutions for your syngas applications.

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