Top-Mounted Level Indicator

WIKA USA’s magnetic level indicators can be mounted horizontally or vertically. Mounting it vertically at the top of a tank is an effective and economical solution for mobile storage tanks, tanks with limited access, and tanks that do not have side process connections.

WIKA USA’s magnetic level indicators are accurate, reliable, and cost-effective. They can be mounted horizontally on the side of a tank, or vertically on top or below a tank. Top mounting is optimal, for example, when storage tanks are too small to accommodate side taps for a standard bypass level configuration. A top-mounted magnetic level indicator is also an excellent solution for mobile tanks and for tanks in tight spaces.

How a Top-Mount Level Indicator Works

A top-mounted magnetic level indicator has a simple design that requires just one process connection. This configuration has a chamber with a single flange at the bottom. Inside the chamber, a magnet attaches to the top of a rod and a float attaches to the bottom. The float rests on the surface of the liquid in the tank. The magnet activates flags on the level gauge indicating the fill level of the tank.

For tanks that are often moved, adding a stilling well will ensure the float stays perfectly vertical and in line with the level gauge. A stilling well is also recommended for addressing other issues, such as agitation inside the tank, inlet proximity, and extra-long rods that are prone to bending.

WIKA’s WMI Series

The WMI line of magnetic level indicators is suitable for most industrial and commercial applications in:

  • Oil and gas industry
  • Chemical and petrochemical plants
  • Offshore exploration and drilling
  • Energy and power plants
  • Food and beverage manufacturing
  • Pharmaceutical processes

To provide the best possible accuracy, WIKA designs and builds WMI floats specifically for each application. An optional spring gasket assembly within the chamber protects the float from overpressure or sudden pressure changes. WIKA selects the magnets to ensure maximum balance with minimum weight to reduce the size and length of the float and the chamber. WIKA’s magnetic level indicators come standard from 6 inches to 20 feet in length. Longer lengths are available upon request.

WMIs work well for a broad range of temperatures (from −320°F to 1,000°F, or −195°C to 537°C) and pressures (full vacuum to 5,000 psi), and for specific gravities as low as 0.35. The options for construction material, which include various stainless steels and alloys such as Hastelloy® and Inconel®, add to the versatility of this level instrument. For easy reading, WMIs come with red/white or yellow/black flags and large bolded numbers. When properly installed and used, WMIs require virtually no maintenance and performs dependably for years.

Contact WIKA todayto find out more about the WMI magnetic level indicator and other level measurement solutions. Our experts can configure a level solution to meet the requirements of your applications.

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