With all the parts manufactured, assembled, and tested in the USA, WIKA is pleased to be able to offer quick delivery on our most popular industrial process diaphragm gauge: the AWS.

In process industries, delays means lost revenue. There’s no time to waste in an oil and gas facility or chemical/petrochemical plant. That’s why WIKA USA is proud that we can deliver our heavy-duty all-welded system (AWS) within 10 days of ordering – a significantly faster turnaround time than what our competitors are able to offer.

The AWS, a Problem Solver for Demanding Applications

Models M932.D1, M933.D1

All-Weld System (AWS)

WIKA created this heavy-duty diaphragm seal assembly specifically for the most challenging applications. With our 23X.34 XSEL® pressure gauge clean-welded to the 990.34 diaphragm seal with welded design, the AWS solves a range of diaphragm seal issues common in the process industry:

  • Loose bolts. The welded system eliminates the need to clamp the process gauge to the diaphragm seal, which means there are no bolts that can work themselves loose in applications with heavy vibration and severe pulsation.
  • Aggressive process media. The elastomer in O-rings and gaskets often cannot handle caustic or high-temperature media. WIKA’s AWS has the diaphragm TIG (tungsten inert gas)-welded to the seal body, so there’s no need for elastomers at all. Furthermore, the wetted parts are NACE-compliant, offering peace of mind when working with corrosive media.
  • Fugitive emissions. The all-welded assembly eliminates all potential leak paths and tampering risks, important considerations in applications that tightly control emissions. Thanks to the welds, the AWS qualifies as a dual-containment system.
  • Poor thread contact. Heavy vibrations and extreme temperatures can loosen the thread contact between the process gauge and its diaphragm seal assembly. Once again, the tight welds ensure proper contact between the two instruments at all times.

An All-Welded Pressure Gauge 100% Made and Assembled in the USA

Even though the pandemic is largely behind us, the supply chain remains an issue, leading to long waits for order fulfillment. WIKA is proud that with our improved processes, we can achieve a 10-day lead time on our most popular AWS options:

  • Pressure ranges – 0…15 psi, 0…30 psi, 0…60 psi, 0…100 psi, 0…160 psi, 0…200 psi, 0…300 psi, 0…400 psi, 0…600 psi, 0…800 psi, 0…2000 psi, 0…3000 psi, −30 inHg…30 psi, −30 inHg…300 psi
  • Process connections in 136L stainless steel – ½” NPT male, ½” NPT female, ¾” NPT female, ¼” NPT male

Any system fill or case fill options are within the 10-day timeframe as well. Note that this short lead time applies to standard black cases, lower mount, and standard dials and pointers only. Any orders outside of the above options have a lead time of 15–20 days.

The XSEL® process gauges are manufactured at our facility in Lawrenceville, Georgia, while the diaphragm seals are made at our facility in Pasadena, Texas, which is also where the all-welded systems are assembled, tested, and shipped from.

The AWS is the ideal drop-in replacement gauge for the toughest applications in the process industry, with many special features and configurations available:

  • Dry or liquid-filled case, with many choices of system fill
  • Nominal pressure range from -30”WC…0 vacuum to 0…5,000 psi
  • Lower mount or lower back mount connector location
  • Several types and sizes of process connections
  • Many materials available for the upper housing, lower housing, and diaphragm seal

Whether you need the AWS or another pressure instrument, our industry experts are happy to offer customized advice on how to select the right pressure gauge or diaphragm seal system for your processes. Contact us today.

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