XSEL® process gauge

Based WIKA Instrument’s analysis of audit data from more than 250 plants, vibration is one of the most common reason for gauge failure. What are signs of gauge failure?

Visible = detached pointer and dust on the inside of the gauge window. Hidden risks = wear on internal components and pressure system failure. Although the toughest gauge will eventually fail under constant strong vibration, and a lesser gauge might only last weeks.

The ideal solution, obviously, is to reduce the vibration and extend the lifetime of all of the equipment in the process, but sometimes that is not possible for technical or cost reasons. In these cases, the plant requires a gauge that can withstand vibration and provide reliable, accurate performance..

Liquid-Filled Gauges

WIKA often recommend liquid-filled gauges for high-vibration applications. Liquid-filled gauges are designed to help dampen the vibration and protect the internal components of a gauge. Moreover, the fluid fill in a liquid-filled gauge effectively dampens system pulsation, making the gauge pointer easier to read and increasing its accuracy.

The Best Gauge for Vibration: WIKA XSEL® Process Pressure Gauge:

The WIKA XSEL® process pressure gauge is designed for the grueling conditions found in refining, petrochemical, and chemical plants today. High pulsating pressures and heavy mechanically induced vibrations are common in most processing plants, and this impacts all types of equipment, especially pressure instrumentation. The XSEL® process gauge  withstands high-vibration applications and offers high load-cycle stability and shock resistance. In addition to a solid front thermoplastic case, it can measure positive pressure ranges to 15,000 psi.

Best of all, every XSEL® process gauge comes with a 5 year warranty on the gauge and a 10 year warranty on the pressure system.

The XSEL® process pressure gauge series includes a variety of models designed for specific conditions, including copper alloy, stainless steel, NACE stainless steel, NACE Monel alloy and 1019 steel socket models.

One final note — WIKA can also equip gauges with socket restrictors or throttle screws to help control severe vibration or pulsation. Contact WIKA’s technical support department at (888) 431-1559 (Press 1) or email techsupport@wika.com.

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