Increasing material costs, unplanned equipment downtime, unpredictable weather, government regulations – the list of uncontrollable issues facing industries today goes on. In particular, the mining, construction and agriculture sectors encounter these problems annually, and manufacturers of mobile machinery need solutions to minimize these effects on their bottom line. What if a pressure sensor could provide manufacturers a way to reduce machine downtime, prevent No Failures Found (NFF) and reduce warranty claims? Working with leading companies in the off-road vehicle industry, WIKA developed the MH-3 pressure sensor, which is their third generation pressure sensor for mobile working machines. This latest edition features diagnostic and signal clamping capabilities. The MH-3’s built-in diagnostics identify the causes of permanent as well as temporary failures, eliminating guesswork in the field and unnecessary component removal. A chip inside the sensor keeps records of failures and abnormal operations, storing it for future use in troubleshooting and routine maintenance. The MH-3 pressure sensor also features signal clamping, which allows one to pre-define the lower and upper ranges of the output signal. Signal clamping helps prevent momentary shutdowns, erratic machine behavior and premature component failure due to pressure spikes and overpressure conditions. The in-field diagnostics of the MH-3 allows field technicians to quickly determine if a pressure sensor has failed, where on the machine it’s located and even help answer questions like why the machine went down in the first place. The MH-3 is robust and durable, with a case made of a highly resistant fiberglass reinforced thermoplastic (PBT). Even extreme temperature shock does not affect its performance. A metallic shield provides excellent electro-magnetic protection, and the hermetically-welded thin-film measuring eliminates the need for additional sealing against leaks. The MH-3 pressure sensor is shock and vibration resistant, in addition to including WIKA’s Cavitation Dampening System (CDS) which reduces the effects of cavitation and  pressure spikes. These features make the pressure sensor the best choice for load monitoring, load moment limitation and hydraulic drive control in:

  • tractors, harvesters and sprayers
  • excavators, bulldozers and backhoes
  • forklift trucks, industrial trucks and industrial lifts

Customer satisfaction and your reputation are on the line. Let the experts at WIKA help you select the right pressure sensor for your mobile working machine to improve reliability, reduce downtime and decrease warranty claims. Call WIKA today.

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