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Rafael Derencio of WEgrid Solutions, a WIKA subsidiary, gives an overview of the ASC-10 calibration system for gas density instrumentation.

The biennial IEEE trade show for power transmission and distribution professionals is the place to discover emerging technologies and devices in this field. This year, WIKA introduced the ACS-10, a fully automated calibration system for gas density monitors, switches, and indicators. The device is heavy-duty yet easy to handle, allowing technicians to quickly calibrate instruments onsite or in a lab or workshop.

The Importance of Calibrating Gas Density Instruments

Gas density instruments such as the GDM-RC-100 gas density monitor with reference chamber detect issues in switchgear and other gas-insulated equipment (GIE) by comparing changes in gas density over time. A decrease in density indicates the presence of a leak somewhere in the equipment. Because some of these changes are small, measurement accuracy is essential for keeping GIE operating properly, safeguarding the power grid, and, when the insulating gas is sulfur hexafluoride, preventing greenhouse gases from escaping into the atmosphere. By using the ACS-10 to recalibrate gas density monitors, indicators, and switches, plant operators ensure that their measurement data are reliable.

Rafael Derencio, product manager at WIKA’s WEgrid Solutions, gave an overview of the ACS-10 at the 2022 IEEE PES T&D Trade Show. In this video, he discusses:

  • Why gas density instrumentation need periodic recalibrations
  • How the ACS-10 calibrates gas density equipment
  • The calibration system’s intuitive interface and automated processes

WIKA USA and WEgrid Solutions are your trusted partners in the T&D industry. Contact us for more information about the ACS-10 calibration system for gas density instruments, as well as other technologies for helping power plants operate more safely and efficiently.

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