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Alexander Hein of WEgrid Solutions, a WIKA subsidiary, talks about the many innovative features of the GAD-2000 active dehydration device for gas-insulated switchgear.

Every two years, professionals in the power transmission and distribution industry gather at the IEEE PES trade show to discover cutting-edge technologies in this field. This year, attendees were able to see for themselves the GAD-2000, a mobile cart that gradually dehydrates the SF6 gas in T&D equipment without needing to take operations offline.

As the machine dries the gas, it also dries all the structural components of the gas-insulted switchgear (GIS). The results are less corrosion in the gas compartment, longer overall lifetime of the equipment, and greater insulating capability of the gas – all key factors in keeping power grids running safely and efficiently.

Watch this video by Alexander Hein, head of the Product Management Team at WEgrid Solutions, as he discusses:

  • The problems with humidity in SF6 gas
  • What gas dehydration was like before the GAD-2000
  • How the gas dehydration cart works
  • The GAD-2000’s safety features and user notifications

WIKA USA and WEgrid Solutions are your trusted partners in the T&D industry. Contact us for more information about the GAD-2000 gas dehydration system and how it reduces costs while optimizing safety.

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