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WIKA proves the accuracy of our patent-pending Tefracto-Pad®, an innovative tubeskin thermocouple assembly that offers reliable performance even under severe heat flux.

Accurate temperature readings of furnace tubeskins allow process industries to maximize reactor efficiency without sacrificing tube life or operational safety. To that end, the temperature measurement specialists at WIKA continually look for ways to improve the performance of our thermocouple assemblies. Our latest product is the Tefracto-Pad® (model TC59-T), which offers a level of accuracy not seen in comparable tubeskin sensors.

Validating the Accuracy of WIKA’s Tefracto-Pad® Tubeskin Thermocouple

Figure 1 (click to enlarge)

WIKA is serious about testing our measuring instruments. That is how we can stand behind the claim of our temperature sensors’ accuracy. At our Houston R&D center, we subjected an array of sensors to varying operating conditions. The data show that only the Tefracto-Pad® remains steady in the presence of high heat fluxes.

For our tests, all the samples were new thermocouples common in the industry. We then exposed them to multiple iterations of operating conditions, including a variety of heat fluxes, to verify repeatability. This rigorous testing process showed that every sample deviated from actual temperature by at least ±10°F (Figure 1). The more severe the heat flux, the greater the temperature deviation. These tests replicate the conditions of Start of Run (SOR) to End of Run (EOR), or from an easy furnace to a more difficult furnace.

Figure 2 (click to enlarge)

But when the Tefracto-Pad® (Figure 2, data points in green) was exposed to the same conditions, it stayed the closest to the actual temperature – deviating by only a few degrees, if at all. WIKA’s tubeskin sensor is proven to be significantly more accurate than other models available in the marketplace.

A Consistently and Highly Accurate Thermocouple

Our state-of-the-art thermocouple assembly owes its accuracy and stability to a variety of factors. WIKA engineers have optimized everything about these sensors, from the dimensions and sensor placement to the materials and manufacturing process. Since our technology and design are proprietary, contact us for more details about why the Tefracto-Pad® is the most accurate tubeskin sensor in the marketplace.

WIKA USA Is Your Full-Service Business Partner

We don’t just design and sell superior thermocouple sensors. WIKA is world-renowned for comprehensive customer service. When you partner with us, our highly trained technicians are with you every step of the way:

  • Customizing the Tefracto-Pad® for your tube size and furnace conditions
  • Commissioning the equipment, including supervision, installation, and weld work
  • After-sales service of analysis, inspection, troubleshooting, and repair

A more accurate thermocouple assembly means greater efficiency and profitability for our customers. For upstream, midstream, and downstream applications, we also offer a comprehensive portfolio of measurement solutions, such as our FlexWindow and POLARgauge pressure instruments, Venturi nozzles and other primary flow elements, and electronic level control switches.

WIKA is a one-stop provider of accurate and reliable measuring instruments for process industries. Contact us to make WIKA USA part of your oil and gas, chemical, or petrochemical business.

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