This peer-nominated award is presented to employees who go above and beyond in their roles, all while upholding WIKA’s commitment to integrity, customer satisfaction, partnership, safety, continuous improvement, social responsibility, and/or excellence.

Established when WIKA was founded in 1946, core values are the standards by which WIKA measures itself and its employees. Thanks to employees’ commitment to these corporate values, WIKA has become a worldwide leader in industrial measurement technology. The company would not be where it is today without this dedication from within.

Employees who do more than expected are vital to WIKA’s overall mission of helping customers succeed through superior instrumentation solutions. This is why WIKA USA began the Core Value Award program two decades ago: to acknowledge employees for their hard work and dedication.

Corporate Core Values are Keys to Company Success

A peer-nominated program, Core Value Awards give employees a special way to thank their colleagues for doing extraordinary work. Recipients are recognized for making a positive impact on WIKA’s continued success. Each nominee is chosen for exemplifying one of seven core values:

  • Integrity: Promoting ethical business practices
  • Customer Satisfaction: Creating positive customer experiences
  • Partnership: Encouraging collaboration in the workplace
  • Safety: Maintaining a safe work environment
  • Continuous Improvement: Improving WIKA policies and processes
  • Social Responsibility: Improving the community and the world at large
  • Excellence: Exceeding expectations in work that directly impacts company success

A committee composed of senior managers chooses the winners, who receive a plaque, monetary award, and – for those in the main WIKA USA campus in Lawrenceville – a designated parking spot.

Corporate Core Values Award Winners: November 2022

WIKA USA recognizes the following four employees for exemplifying the company’s core values in November.

Photo above: Senad Zohorovic and coworkers

Senad Zohorovic, Maintenance | Lawrenceville | Recognized for Excellence

Chesley Powell praises Senad for being one of those workers who do many things well. “Ever since Senad joined our maintenance team, he has been hitting the ground running and helping in every way he can – from being an installer and rigging equipment to piping, basic certain electrical installations, and safety installations. He’s become a great addition to the team and continues to be positive and helpful in all aspects asked of him. Thank you, Senad, for all the help you’ve given me and for your contributions to the team!”


Maida Zohorovic, BOM (Bill of Materials) | Lawrenceville | Recognized for Partnership

Maida Zohorovic and coworkers

Together, Lidia Dyrdol and Bennett White thank a dedicated colleague. “Maida is the best to work with. Her sense of urgency helps us to accomplish things and answers questions in a very timely manner. She stays on top of BOM issues, getting answers that assist us with making quality decisions. She is always very helpful when changes are asked for, and she stays on top of things always, following them through to completion. There are times when we have to make a lot of changes back and forth to BOMs, and she is always willing to do whatever is necessary to get the job done. Maida is a great member of our team and wonderful to work with!”


Fan Chen and coworkers

Fan Chen, Projects | Houston | Recognized for Partnership

The entire Engineered Projects Team wishes to recognize Fan’s spirit of collaboration. “Time and time again when we are focused on a rush or complex project, Fan is always there to support. If we stay after hours, searching for solutions or alternatives to make things happen, he always offers to lend a hand. He starts searching for parts or quickly sketches to scale as we brainstorm. He is a true team player! His input and willingness brings so much value to our group.”


Dean Perez

Dean Perez, Shipping | Lawrenceville | Recognized for Continuous Improvement

Justin Savage expresses his appreciation for a proactive and astute coworker. “Dean found a way for WIKA to save $14,000 a year on waste disposal expenses. We pay a company $500 each time they haul off a full dumpster load, which used to happen four to five times a month. Dean saw the high costs, took the initiative to reach out to a vendor that could compact the load for $150 each time, had a demo done, and made the switch. Now the waste is hauled off just once a month. Without Dean, we would not have realized the cost savings here.”


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