COVID-19 may have pared back the festivities and group activities for Halloween 2020, but it would take a lot more than a pandemic to dampen employees’ enthusiasm for dressing up and thrilling coworkers. We were blown away by some of the fabulously creative costumes this year.

WIKA USA appreciates everyone who participated in the annual costume contest. We thank you for brightening up everyone’s day and heartily congratulate this year’s well-deserved winners. 

Houston Location

• Most Creative: Oziel Salinas as Joe Exotic
• 1st Place: Lorena Tavira as Zombie Mechanic
• 2nd Place: Cruz Rubio as Skeleton
• 3rd Place: Griselda Salazar as Frida Kahlo 

Lawrenceville Location

First Shift

• 1st Place: Brandy Seigler as Witch
• 2nd Place: Christopher Moore as Beetlejuice
• 3rd Place: Jason Cook as Sith Lord

Second Shift

• 1st Place: Xai Yang as Grapes
• 2nd Place: Jay-Cee Larrea as Money Heist

Group Costume

• Ladies in Black (in no particular order): Natalie Thomas, Kim Nguyen, Jimmy Phan, Miskia Sherba, Ferahiwot Duckery, Reina Ventura, Mai Vang, Brandy Seigler, Salama Athuman, Zemira Jegic, Sharee Richardson, Clara Suitch, Vesnesa Pengic, Saifa Haque, and Begzada Skoric

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