Engineering Custom Solutions for Your Instrumentation Challenges

WIKA Instrument, LP is your one-stop shop for innovative, custom-engineered instrumentation in the manufacturing, mining, and refining industries. Ask the maintenance chiefs or technical directors of manufacturing facilities, oil and gas operations, or refineries whom they call when they need advice on a mission-critical pressure gauge maintenance issue or have a problem they just can’t figure out. The most common answer will be WIKA.

Unparalleled engineering expertise

WIKA employs more than 7,300 highly qualified professionals across the globe, including hundreds of mechanical and materials engineers with immense know-how and technical proficiency. These engineers benefit from over six decades of company experience across a range of industries.

Raimund Weissner, technical director for diaphragm seals, describes WIKA’s engineering expertise: “WIKA’s strength is to listen to customers and to produce products that are engineered to their specifications.”

Broad product portfolio

Over 350 million WIKA gauges, pressure transmitters, and other instruments are in use worldwide. The company’s product line includes hundreds of types of instruments to measure pressure and temperature.

WIKA’ s broad product portfolio allows us to design instrumentation specifically for the application at hand. You shouldn’t settle for a pressure gauge or pressure sensor that is not specifically designed for your needs. To do so inevitably means higher replacement costs and more downtime, and can even be a hazard to employees and the facility.

Other measuring instrument manufacturers cut back drastically on research and development decades ago to concentrate on sales, but WIKA’s identity as an engineering company has made it the exception to the rule. WIKA is one of the few instrument companies that still pursue large-scale R&D to improve existing measuring instruments and develop new technologies.

Providing custom instrumentation solutions

The ability to deliver custom-engineered solutions differentiates WIKA from its competitors. If your business is working with new materials or developing a new production process, you’ll probably need custom instrumentation. That’s where our 60 years of engineering expertise makes the difference. WIKA has experienced engineers with backgrounds in almost every industry who will consult with your team to develop an instrument system around your specific processes.

Nobody solves instrumentation problems like WIKA. Whether you need a built-from-scratch instrumentation system to meet the specs of your new process or just some good advice on how to handle nagging pressure gauge maintenance problems, WIKA has you covered.

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  1. Jashiela Wani Jusin

    Hi Wika,

    Could you please guide me how to fix a vibrating pressure gauge. It’s a brand from wika. Thank you

    • Faith Bergeron

      Hi Jashiela. Thank you for your comment. A product manager should be reaching out to you shortly regarding your inquiry.

    • Faith Bergeron

      Hi Jashiela,

      The best solution to resolve the impact of severe vibrations on a pressure gauge is a case filling. Case filling not only reduces or stops the pointer flutter but more importantly it protects the internals from wear and damages as it lubricates all moving parts. For more information please check out our blog
      Best regards,

      Hardy Orzikowski

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